Stuck in a rut

Photo by Mohamed Abdelnoor on

My battery signal on my car started flashing when I was driving home from Diego’s house. By the time I got closer to home, three lights started flashing. So I go to Les Schwab to see what the deal was…

Long story short, my mom picks me up from the tire store and drives me home. I got a call from the store and they said some sort of belt (not the timing belt) was broken which relied on the alternator and the battery to function and keep the car running. To get said belt fixed, it would cost about 500 bucks after testing the battery and recharging it all day long. I won’t have my car for a few days so I’m relying on my mom’s car to get to and from work which isn’t preferable.

I feel like there is always something that can go wrong and it ends up going wrong. Ugh.

Gotta head to work so catch you on the flip side.

much love,


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