Easter Sunday

Photo by Alena Koval on Pexels.com

This afternoon has been super peaceful. I have been just relaxing, taking it easy. I am currently outside on my back deck typing this in the sunshine. I have my Coke, my snacks, my vape… what more could I need? I also have that book I have been wanting to read. I might need to start it over since it has been a couple weeks since I started the book. I only got 50 pages in, but even rereading that seems daunting.

I have been thinking more about school but I am unsure of what I want to do. The college in my county is notorious for educating medical assistants, LPNs, and RNs. It seems intriguing going into the medical field but I don’t like needles which is funny considering how many tattoos I have. However, being stuck and poked and poking someone else with a needle is a whole other ball game I don’t want to play.

I think my credits are good for getting me a general AA degree but what good does a general AA degree get you unless you want to transfer to get your bachelor’s degree? I am torn and really need to do my research to figure out what I should do. Or just table the issue for the time being and start paying off my student loans. The catch here is that I have 15 grand worth of grants laying on the table and I don’t want to let that go to waste. So it’s a hard choice.

I am going over to Diego’s after family dinner because Diego is working 1pm-1am and doesn’t want Poncho to be alone for too long so I decided I would spend the night and go straight to work from his house tomorrow. That should be good, get some stuff done here before I take time and see my dog.

I am looking to receive clarity about a lot of things and I hope I receive it soon. It makes me think I need a therapist. Or just a good brain dump where I write everything in my mind out on paper and figure some shit out.

Hope everybody has a good holiday, stays safe, and is on the pursuit of happiness today and always.

much love,


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