Dance Monkey

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I went to the casino with my mom tonight and it’s not what it sounds like. We didn’t go to gamble, we went to go dancing in the club they have inside of the casino. I did not gamble but I did see a good friend of mine who works security there and talked to him for a while.

I had a few drinks while I was there and my mom drank energy drinks. We didn’t dance a whole lot because the music wasn’t the greatest. However, this girl was hugging and kissing on me even though I had no idea who she was. My mom was watching from our table and thought it was someone I knew from high school but in actuality it was some drunk girl because affectionate. I told my mom this in the car on the way home and she laughed as we compared stories.

Then some guy tried to grind on me and I said I wasn’t about that. My security friend kicked this particular man out for being too handsy with one female so I didn’t want to get involved. I am so nice that it’s hard for me to say no to anybody. But once I got away, I asked my mom if we could leave. She put a few bucks into a slot machine and I went out to the car shortly after because nothing is worse than watching someone else gamble when you’re not gambling.

Now I am home. My mom drove us home. My feet and my left knee are bothering me from doing all the dancing that I did in my wedge booties. Especially after working on my feet all day. I crashed pretty hard once I got in my bed, but now that it is 4am on Easter morning, just like Jesus has risen, I have too. Sorry that was a terrible joke but if you laughed, kudos to you!

Now I am icing my knee because it doesn’t feel very good and I am chugging water like there is no tomorrow due to the amount of alcohol I drank. It was unfortunate how little my mobility is after almost a year and a half post-op from my second foot surgery and first knee surgery, respectively. I would think I could dance and twist and squat in a pair of nearly non existent healed shoes, but no. Not that I am a good dancer by any means because I am not but I am more disappointed in my self that I can’t do what I used to do with ease or without hurting myself further.

I am off work today for Easter so that’s cool. I will enjoy time with family and spend the day praising God and just enjoying not working. Gotta get my foot and knee back in order because I work Monday through Friday and it will be bad if I can’t function normally by tomorrow.

Well that’s it for me for tonight, time to get back to sleep.

much love,


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