Best news!

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I got the job!!! It was kind of a whirlwind of emotions for me because a hour ago, I got an email from corporate saying I didn’t get the store manager in training job. I was conflicted because the manager said she was going to get me a job within the company. It seemed out of place because she told me she was going to pass on my name to other store managers in the area.

My mom suggested I called her and I contemplated it and if I already wasn’t going to be hired for the job, what was the harm in asking for advice on how to interview better next time. When I got her on the phone, I reintroduced myself and kind of asked her what happened to getting me a job at her store and she apologized profusely. She said that they are required to fill out post interview surveys and it asked if she offered me the position on the spot and she said no so it generated that email I got saying I didn’t get that job.

She then followed up with the fact that she thought all night about it and she wanted to keep me for herself (her words not my own) and offer me the shift supervisor position in her store and train me so that I can become upper management once I have learned the ropes.

So tomorrow I go in and get paperwork and then go get drug tested before they write me an official offer. So nothing is set in stone yet but I’m 95% sure it will be fine. That’s all I got for today folks. I am hungover from drinking real Mexican tequila so I’m just gonna go lay down now lol.


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