Interview 2 of 3

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Today felt pretty normal in comparison to my manic filled week so far. I had an interview via Zoom with the bank with two branch managers. Funny enough, one of the branch managers I worked with when I worked for a different bank and he asked how “his boy Justin was.” Which is such a small world because Justin was my co worker and the guy I cheated on Diego with. In my head I start freaking out like this dude knows that I’ve seen Justin on a more… intimate level. I start to get red and stay quiet as I start to do the Tina Belcher groan in my head.

The two branch managers were really cool and I think it went well over all. They said I should “hear back very soon” which instilled some home that I may have gotten this job. But just in case I rescheduled my pharmacy interview for Monday so that is good that I have a fall back option. I really wouldn’t mind either job.

I got some stuff from Amazon today like a new laptop case that snaps on my MacBook Pro. It’s teal blue and it came with a teal blue keyboard cover to protect the keys from dirt and grime. I have some more stickers coming so I can further decorate the case with stickers. I got an Aquarius sticker (symbol is similar to that of my Precarious Aquarius logo) and a sunflower sticker and a little sticker that says “words have power” which I placed on the bar bell of my She Hulk sticker like the weight of words weighed her down no matter how strong she is.

I also got some stencils for my bullet journal and a new band for my Apple Watch. I feel pretty happy, not that I bought more stuff but just in general. I got off all the dating apps and I feel not as bogged down with pain and anguish. I really do want to work on myself but I was letting guys get in my way of that. I need to work on school and maybe go out once in a blue moon, but it can’t consume my life like I have let it in the past. Maybe I’ll meet someone organically but I am not holding my breath.

I have this sense of peace consume me and I am not sure if it’s because I prayed for a long time today after reading my daily devotional but I feel like I know what direction I want to go in and I want to be confident and comfortable in my career (wherever that may be) before I date. I want someone to be proud of me and I don’t need to date people just because they have money or not.

I want to get back into my other hobbies. I made a painting last night and it’s not quite done yet but how exhilarating that was creating an idea completely from scratch and getting It on canvas was great. I’m not rushing this one, I am letting it flow naturally.

At this point, I am excited for what the future holds.

much love,


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