Photo by Olya Prutskova on Pexels.com

Since it is the beginning of a new month, I decided to download a couple of blank habit trackers and wrote a list of all the habits I would be tracking throughout each day of every month.

Some of the high priority things I am tracking is number of hours of sleep, going to the gym or not, getting at least 72 ounces of water in a day, my mood tracker which is color coded, homework if I did any that day, when I take my medication, and if I read my daily devotional. A lot of these habits I am already doing, but have never tracked them before. I hope it creates some more accountability for me to complete a habit tracker because if it’s 7pm, I can say oh wait I haven’t been to the gym today or I haven’t hit my target water intake yet and work on those habits to reach a certain goal.

This month I am just going to do my best to track everything so that I have a baseline on what I can work on and what I am doing good at. My other habits to track that are low priority are writing at least once a day, no spend days, skincare, caffeine intake, alcohol intake, if I make my bed, and my sex life.

I will be interested in the results at the end of March and I will have to share the graphs that I have utilized along with the data points. I think some of these will all correlate back to my mental health like if I make the bed in the morning, I might have a more productive day or be in a better mood which I track daily rather than not making my bed and having reduced mood, I can’t make any real predictions but some of these habits are just something I want to do and needed to create some way to acknowledge the task each day and act upon it

What do you all do to track (or not track) your habits?

much love,


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