A woman can be tough

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I was watching instagram reels on my phone and this song comes on by Janis Joplin called Piece of my Heart. I have it on repeat right now and I am totally digging this as a women empowerment break up song which I’m obsessed with. It makes the heartache hurt a little less. Not that I went through a break up, but my feelings were entangled in that of a man’s.

But the lyric “you know a woman can be tough” just resonated with me at this very moment. I am very thankful for music always having my back when nearly no one else does. It has the power to make you feel like nothing else in this world. I don’t care who you are.

I feel that women don’t have a lot of genuine power songs, especially rock songs like this. I want to call it a power ballad but it’s not even that. Change my mind in the comments, I dare you. I can count maybe on one hand true female empowerment songs. We are in the era of female empowerment with out back up of the entertainment industry.

I am all about girl power because just like the boys, we have the power to change the world. That’s not to discriminate against male power but when you suffer a wage gap due to what’s in your pants it’s ridiculous.

However, I do acknowledge the mental health gender gap between men and women and those who identify as non binary or transgender. In my humble opinion, I feel like it is more frowned upon for men and non binary folks to receive mental health care than for women to seek it. It is unfortunate because this means that the male suicide rate is higher than women’s and I am going to assume transgender folks have a higher suicide rate than both.

I am all about equity. The difference between equality and equity is that equality is evenness all around no matter your privilege or ability. Equity is giving what the underprivileged needs and providing little to no assistance to the privileged because they don’t need it.

For example, we have three people: a) makes $10k a year and, b) makes $100k a year, and c) makes $1m a year. Equality is giving each person $100 to be equal. Person c might invest those fund, person b might treat themselves to something nice, while person a just uses that money for necessities. However, equity is giving the person with more money or assistance because they are struggling to pay their bills whereas you have b and c, middle and upper class individuals who may need little to no assistance.

The same goes for mental health. We, as a society, need a better grasp on how to reach men where they are at in regard to mental health struggles. That’s not to say that as a woman, my struggles aren’t there because anyone knows me by reading my blog that I have issues. But I have less stigma associated with my asking for help versus and a man or non binary person.

I kind of went on this rant at 5am because I am tired and cannot sleep but I feel like it’s still. worth posting. Hopefully someone gets something out of my ramblings lol.

much love to all,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    I don’t know if you like county music but I have Miranda Lamberts bluebird running through my head this morning fueling me. I find it empowering

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    1. I will have to check it out! Thanks

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      1. socialworkerangela says:

        If you do let me know what you think

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      2. I like it! Definitely digging it… once I get tired of the one song I have on repeat, I know that will be next on my repeat list lol

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      3. socialworkerangela says:


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  2. NikitaBlue says:

    Yes, women are tough and we’re still suffering a big gender Inequality. You’re also very correct about men and mental illness. I also think that men are more ego aware and prideful and don’t want to ask for help or thinks the psychological industry is a plot to control the masses, lol, but really that’s what my dad really thinks. My partner is havi.g some psychological issues ATM and he’s been reluctant to tell anyone BUT he’s going to therapy and a psychiatrist. He just doesn’t want anyone to know. I really understand.

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