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I think you all can tell this already, but I love stock photos. I don’t like to pull good images off of Google unless I can properly cite them. But the stock photos on WordPress are so ridiculous that they make me laugh. Like this picture here. I typed in “fight” and this was one of the first things that came up. I mean, come on, I love it! I just meant the word “fight” as in keep up the good fight or carry on, not I’m going to win the junior high debate competition. (and there is no disrespect for the SPORT that debate is on this page; I won’t allow it. I competed in speech and debate all four years of high school, went to debate camp, and judged the tournaments for many years after I graduated.)

However. This picture is hilarious and this is how I wanted to share my good and bad news with you all.

I heard back today that I did not get the outpatient position that I wanted at the company I am with currently. However, I did get an interview for the same job, but with the same company and it is two blocks closer to where I live. Not that it matters when I still live thirty five minutes away, but it’s easy to get to and I love the people who work there.

Hopefully I get this position because God knows I need it. I have been slowly working away on homework and silly tasks like laundry and putting things away. I know it needs to get done but my desire to get it done is slim to none. Which is why I’m blogging to ignore the last load of laundry that is clean sitting on my bed, waiting to return to its home and my history paper that is due at 11:55pm tonight. I really should get these things done tonight but I am so exhausted, my sleep has been terrible due to my sleep apnea that I cannot function throughout the day.

You may be asking, what did Dani do today if she isn’t working. Well I had my foot in an ankle brace all day. I was supposed to drop off my referral packet to physical therapy so I can get on that soon. That didn’t happen… I woke up at 10:30am and called my work to see about the interview I did last week and she said she would call me back. So I waited around until lunch time where I made grilled cheese sandwiches for my mom and I. We watched a show on Hulu in my room and then she left me so I could do homework. Did I do home work? No. Did I think about homework? Not much.

I made a to do list and called my urologist about my upcoming appointment. I didn’t remember when it was and I said I needed to be seen for my bladder disease. She put me on hold and got me in for tomorrow at 1:30pm with a different doctor because apparently the urologist I was to see didn’t deal with interstitial cystitis. So that first appointment would have been a huge waste of my time. Of course now that I am having a flare up, I can’t take the medicine I need to make it feel better because the Pyridium makes your pee bright orange which throws off at UA culture for UTIs and kidney infections. I know I am just flaring up rather than having an infection, but I’m miserable either way. All I can do for it now is drink water and lots of it.

I checked if my tax return had been sent yet and it had not. I was called for an interview Friday at my work for the department assistant. I called HR back to see the results of the other job and I didn’t get it. So I am kind of banking on this job to come through for me. We shall see though.

My mom made baked potatoes with a lot of vegetables and it was so good. We didn’t defrost any meat in the freezer so all we can was baked potatoes, canned corn, and canned green beans, and it was enough to make me full for the night.

I did one assignment due tonight for one of my psychology classes. I am gonna finish the other psychology class assignment once this post is done and start working on my history essay. My professor reached out to me to see if I needed help with anything to let her know, so if I don’t have it finished by noon tomorrow, I will reach out with my circumstances.

I am not the type of person to ask for help ever. Especially in school because I am not deserving of special privileges. It’s my fault I didn’t turn in my work or do anything at all and I shouldn’t be given grace for my failures. I mean, in other regards, yes grace should almost always be given. But for my laziness, exceptions and excuses shall not be made on my behalf. I do admit my mental state has been wild lately which has impacted my desire to complete school, but I have to. There is no room for failure.

It’s like the movie, “dumb and dumber”… “So you’re saying that I got a chance!”

Tenor Keyboard

Much love to you all. Have a peaceful evening and if you ever need me, I can be reached at


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  1. Doesn't matter says:

    It’s been a min you gave me this long time ago you seem down again I’m sure you think I never read these if ya need an outside friend to chat if you got my number hit me up if not it is what it is either way hopefully things get better and start going your way sorry to read about the interview Hopefully you nail the next one ! Keep moving forward

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    1. I do not have your number, but if you email me at I will respond. I have been kinda down lately, but like you said, onto the next one! Thanks for commenting; I love hearing from you ❤


  2. Doesn't matter says:

    Not sure if ya love hearing from don’t think you know who this is need to focus on your future cheer you up don’t let little Road blocks bring ya down


    1. I’m trying not to let things bring me down…


  3. Doesn't matter says:

    Yup more or less


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