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I went for my med evaluation this morning and it’s not at all like I thought it was going to go, but better than I originally thought. I had bloodwork done mid January for this appointment and so she starts reading off my labs, saying my liver enzymes were high which is related to poor diet or alcohol. I told her I *maybe* drank twice a month if that and my diet was better. I consumed soda wayyyyy less and stuck to red bull and water and my Red Bull is diet and reduced in consumption so it didn’t seem right. She realized she read off the labs for September 2021 and that my *new* test results were in the normal range, I no longer have to take Vitamin B12 shots since I had been supplementing them twice a day. My vitamin D3 is also great considering I also supplement that. I was on the brink of pre diabetes before which is not a problem I want to have. Since August 2021, I have lost 15 pounds. Still losing weight and going back to the gym here shortly.

However… my testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen was essentially depleted. I was prescribed testosterone cream to replenish that and was told to get an IUD for birth control to regulate my hormones. I am not sold on IUD’s because I have a bladder disease and I understand that the two aren’t related, but in my support groups online, a lot of people with interstitial cystitis can’t use IUD’s due to pain. But I’ll try the cream and see where that takes us.

I have to follow up with the sleep apnea doctor for surgery so that’s fun. And for the GI doctors because that has been an issue of mine too.

As far as mental health meds go, I just got to keep taking vitamins and my meds. I didn’t reduce my lithium levels due to the break up. I figured I would have many ups and downs so I didn’t want to fuck with it. So all meds are the same.

I got moved back in with my parents. Three loads in my Kia Sportage and I am done. Well, the first two loads are sitting in half of my parents’ living room, waiting to be put upstairs in my room and the last load is still in my car. I got pjs and clean clothes for today out of my trunk and now I’m back in the lair for good. Well, not for good but at least for a little while.

It’s gonna be weird not having my dog, Poncho sleep right next to me, curled up in a little ball like a cinnamon roll boi. I’ll miss him stealing five of the six pillows on the bed so he could burrow in. Now the loneliness gets kicked into gear. Silly emotions….

I am exhausted since I have now been awake and doing stuff for nearly 24 hours so I am going to bed. Goodnight world, goodnight friends, goodnight Dani.

Much love,

The Precarious Aquarius.

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  1. wjwingrove97 says:

    You are brave…keep going 😊😊

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