Out of Place

Photo by Ilyasick Photo on Pexels.com

Drifting, that’s what it feels like to be free.

Swaying in and out of the waves, being washed ashore when oceans run too deep.

Home is where the moon lays across the sand and when the sun starts to rise in the east.

Alone I swim, from shore to shore, endless oceans pursue me.

I am safe ashore, I am safe alone, am I safe out to sea?

Listening to my heart beat through watered ears; waves crashing all around me.

I find peace in the loss of others knowing I am the one out of place.

Free to drift I may be so inclined to seek the solitude out at sea.

I may never return home for the oceans run too deep.

Home is on the sand where sun rises and sun sets, but it is not where I lay my head to rest.

Alone I swim as the ocean consumes me.

I am no longer out of place if I am at the bottom of the sea where I lay safe at last.

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