I fell down

Photo by Marina Abrosimova on Pexels.com

I took Poncho out to potty this morning and another dog starts barking at Poncho so Poncho starts to charge the other dog. Its owner said that they both bark at each other everyday and it just so happened to be today that we are both outside at the same time.

Poncho is yanking on his leash to get at this dog. So much so, he pulls so hard it kicks me up off my feat and since I was midair at this point, I had no where to go but down. I face planted into the grassy field, but somehow never managed to let go of Poncho’s leash, thank God. I don’t know what would have happened if I did let go, but I wasn’t about to find out. The guy watched me fall and he laughed and kind of half heartedly apologized and I said no it’s fine.

He walks away as I’m just laying there, with my pride walked on. I was just happy that he (Poncho) didn’t poop near where I fell.

Now it’s evening time and of course my bad knee and ankle are bruised and hurting pretty good in addition to my right wrist being cut up and swollen. I am sore from falling. It makes me want to get back into shape and not in the shape of a potato! I’ve been overweight for wayyyy too long and yes I had a reason; three foot/leg/knee surgeries from 2019, 2020, and 2021. But it’s almost been a year since my last surgery and there is no good reason why I can’t work out. I did pause my gym membership until February because I couldn’t afford to pay for it while I wasn’t working. Now that I start work in a week from tomorrow, I can afford to go to the gym for some me time after work.

Diego just asked if we could do a blog Q+A where you all ask questions to Diego, Me, or to both of us and we will try to answer them in an upcoming post so comment below for a good time.

Much love,


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