Back to Class

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Routine is always rough to figure out once you have a break from school or work for a while. Today is day 2 of back to school for me and this semester is already kicking my ass. Just doing introductory assignments and preliminary work took me over six hours to complete 3 of my 4 classes. After that, I said I would assess the other class tomorrow (which is now today).

I woke up when Diego went to work and he tucked me in bed (we are fine, long story short from my last post, we fought and fought and I cried and we yelled, but I think we will be okay.) I woke up at 8am and got up, made his bed and my bed, started laundry and hopped on my MacBook to start this post and then I made an appointment to get bloodwork done today per my doctor’s request. My estrogen and other hormonal levels are extremely low for someone my age so we are trying to figure out as to why. I see an OBGYN next week and my blood work comes back around then and I see my regular doctor on February 4th, just before my 24th birthday.

So after I went to the lab, I picked up meds for my mom who was an infection of her throat glands so I visited her for a little bit. Now I am back home and still haven’t started school for the day yet. I need to do dishes before I sit down to it because I know I will be in the lair (my office) for the next eight hours straight studying.

Diego and I talked about getting Poncho a friend to play with. It would be hard because we want to adopt from the humane society a younger dog, but not a puppy and they need to be compatible with Poncho. Poncho fell into our laps and so I am sure another dog would too if it is destined to be that we have two dogs instead of just our one. I asked Diego if we could afford it considering it’s twice the dog food, twice the toys, twice the vet visits… twice the poop. He didn’t really answer me on that but said he hopes it would mean Poncho would have less separation anxiety and would stop destroying the couch and his video games and my paint brushes. It only happens when we’re both gone and lately Poncho has been crying for no reason even though he is well fed, well loved, well slept, etc. We think he is lonely and needs a brother or sister. But time will tell to see if that happens.

I should probably do dishes so then I can work on school. So see ya’ll later.

Much love,


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