Can’t Believe It…

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I woke up this morning to find myself nearly stepping into my dog’s vomit… once I avoided getting that on my socks, I cleaned up the mess. Diego calls me later on to tell me that he wanted to go to a local waterfall with a friend of ours. He wanted me to bring Poncho to her house and he would meet us there and we would go from her house to the waterfall.

I leave my house around 2pm with Poncho and go to her house. She and I went to a concert together one time and got plastered which was a good time. She and Diego are definitely closer than her and I are. But when I show up to her house, she is pulling in to the driveway with her son, who is four. She kind of seemed surprised to see me and I said I guess Diego was gonna meet us here to go to the trail head. So we shoot the shit while her son plays with Poncho. I was worried about Poncho knocking her kid around because Poncho is still a puppy and plays rough with Diego, I had never seen Poncho around a kid before.

That was fine and about twenty minutes later, Diego knocks and opens the door. We show them Poncho’s sit and shake party trick with some sugary cereal that she had on hand. Diego, Poncho, and I went in my car to the waterfall, and our friend and her son went in their car. We pull up and there is no parking and was super crowded. It was about 50 degrees outside and sunny which warrants any Washingtonian to go to their nearest park. So she leads the way to another park and I see this giant hill/mini mountain and I’m like, “there is no way in hell I can hike that with my foot.”

When we arrive, Diego tells our friend, “Dani already threw in the towel.” And laughed and I am like well three foot, leg, and knee surgeries warrant a towel throwing. She hugs me and said she would drive Diego back to her house when they were done hiking. I took poncho home.

And at this point, I’m pretty mad, right? I didn’t really want to go to begin with because school starts tomorrow for me. I should be printing out the syllabus’ for my classes and taking notes now. So the fact that she didn’t really know that I was coming and then they take me to a place where I sure as hell can’t hike and they are both well aware of my ankle issues… what was I supposed to do besides risk yet another ankle issue? So then Diego texts me about thirty minutes ago that he was going to go out to dinner with the girl and I get they are friends but they are a little too shifty for being just friends and maybe it’s my delusions coming out but I am losing my goddamn mind right now.

He told me he would bring me food and I told him to forget it because I would eat here at home. While I take care of “his” dog, “his” house, “his” cleaning. Nothing here is mine. Not even the dog that I decided to take in, not him, me. Sure he pays, but does seven, almost eight years of knowing each other mean nothing but gendered stereotypes and roles. Yesterday when the house wasn’t picked up perfectly, he flipped out and makes the sly comment, “It would be nice to come home to a clean house once in a while.”

So what happens when I start school tomorrow? Basically I sit on my ass all day long and if it doesn’t behoove Diego than I’m fucked. Because school doesn’t make his house clean or take care of the dog. What happens when I go to work and have school the other eight free hours of the day? I am sure if he’s not gonna kick me out tonight he might when I don’t or really I should say can’t keep up his house for him. I am not a maid. I am appreciative of him letting me stay here but if it means he’s gonna treat me like shit I won’t stand it. I am not sorry I don’t fit into the mold of a mother/waitress/maid but if that is what he expects of me, I am gone. It seems like every time that I get the title of girlfriend he expects me to serve him, plate him, practically put the fork in his mouth. When he helps cook or clean, tell God to roll out the red carpet for him because he is helping do the shit he is supposed to do for himself and his own house.

Can you tell I am angry? ha.

Ok bye.


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  1. lu says:

    That girl sounds shady af – I feel like significant others should be loyal to each other OVER friends/mishaps. Weird. Why would they continue hanging out without you? Also, super weird that he’s flipping out over the chores thing, esp. if it’s not even yours? I ended up making a chores board with my significant other, which helped a lot, especially when one person might be busy/the other person is doing more/etc.

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