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Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day. I interviewed for a position I didn’t really care for and got the job and was to start on Monday, the 10th. I liked the idea of this job because it was relatively mindless and decent pay with a Monday through Friday day shift schedule. However, I called the other job that I had said yes to that had a later start date. They offered me a position that was over a hour away one way from Diego’s house and over two hours away one way from my parents’ place, I countered with wanting any position that was in my own county and they called back at quarter to five saying they had a scheduler position open that was a twenty minute drive from Diego’s which I was satisfied with so I accepted that position rather than the first one.

I get a dollar more a hour with this scheduler job, great benefits, 8a-5p Monday through Friday. The only thing I am a little worried about is my availability for school considering I haven’t worked a full schedule and done university work in a hot minute. But I gotta work and make money so that my bills are paid so I’m not sure what my other option is.

Speaking of classes, they posted yesterday so I purchased the remainder of my books and my biology supplies online totally over $100. Luckily, I received a lump sum payment from unemployment. They finally accepted my claim because I am available and able to work and my last employer put me on unpaid leave without giving me reasonable accommodations. So I have been paying bills and trying to squirrel money away but I had to get supplies and pay the rest of my tuition, along with all my bills. So money is still tight. But I got more than I had before this check dropped so thank you, God!

I’m a little intimidated by my classes. Especially biology because I know it will kick my butt. But I gotta just stay on top of my schoolwork and read the books. I am gonna be a zombie this semester but that’s okay. Just gotta keep trucking.

I want to hear from you all what your coping mechanisms / self care habits are in the comments. What do you do to relax? I like to write, journal, watch videos or shows, play with my dog, paint, and cook. But what do you do for your self care? Maybe short items like doing a face mask or longer projects like decluttering.

Let me know down below!

Much love,


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