End of an Era

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

About four hours from midnight and the new year, 2022. I am not sure how I am still awake because it’s usually time now at 8pm that I lay down and get ready for bed.

This day has flown by and so has this year. Today Diego stayed home from work due to the snow which is accumulating up here in the PNW, Our road didn’t get plowed until 5pm today so there was no way he could’ve gone to work. So I texted him our to do chores list and I said he gets half and I get the other half. So he picked dishes and vacuuming while I made the beds, cleaned the bathrooms, moved my boxes into the office and did laundry. It wasn’t exactly half but he chose the things that I don’t like to do so it was a successful day.

We decided to venture out to the store and to the pizza place to get dinner and some basic groceries. We wanted milk for hot chocolate and needed eggs because I accidentally dropped the last dozen of brand new eggs on the floor. Then we got some snackie essentials for the air fryer.

The roads were fine once they were plowed, but once it got dark outside it started freezing over again. But I told Diego he could probably go to work tomorrow and he agreed. We chowed down on pizza and decided to lay down after wards. Diego is sleep now and so is Poncho. I was watching a documentary on Netflix that discussed a criminal case with someone who has dissociative identity disorder which I thought was fascinating because I don’t know much about it. I have also been reading this book on and off since last night called the Bullet Journal Method and if any of you guys like bullet journaling, organizing, and/or planners, I recommend this book. It was like $8 for the Kindle version which you can read on your phone or tablet.

So our New Years will be spent at home, asleep when the clock strikes midnight unless there is a potty break right about that time. I could go on and on about what a great, yet eventful year this has been but I don’t really care to that much. It has been a year full of lessons and I am ready to move on and prosper.

More about my new year’s resolutions, or yearly goals are soon to come. Sorry for my blog being boring lately. I have just hit a low in my bipolar disorder and in my emotional state so the last thing I want to write about is how much everything sucks. Because it doesn’t all suck and I love my readers and I love writing but it’s just rough because I feel like there’s nothing to write about. Maybe some introspection this New Year will be good for me, figure out some things.

Much love,


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