Tunnel Vision

I posted this as the picture for today’s post because Diego gave me a great writing idea.

We were talking, laying in bed, pondering the universe as we do with our dog, Poncho, and I mention how my blog readers must view him. My views and opinions on Diego have flip flopped so much in the past two years of this blog due to my manic and depressive indiscretions. Some days I would rant and rave about how great he is and how well our future is going together, and then other days I would write about our inevitable break up and how much I detested him and how he treated me.

I commented to Diego tonight how I almost feel like I have multiple personality disorder. He responded with he thinks bipolar disorder is kind of like multiple personality because I change lenses so quickly that it only leads me time to respond to the previous image that I am viewing at that time. Diego compared it to the master view finder that I pictured above. If any of you 90s kids remember these, there was a notch or a button that would click through the film of the camera and you would hold the holes at eye level to view the pictures through the camera.

I remember the fun of the item was to make the pictures move as fast as possible so that it would create a spinning effect when the film would turn upright. Kind of like bipolar disorder. When I am manic, I like everything happening full speed ahead and I read into and react to situations without getting the full picture. But when I am depressed, I analyze a picture for too long pointing out all of the negatives.

I just thought it was an interesting enough analogy to share with you all.

I have an interview tomorrow morning for a hostess job and if I could start immediately so that I can get some cash, that would be great. I may not have any restaurant experience but I learn quickly and the tips would be good. It’s been snowing pretty good in my area so I drove my car a little bit today to see how it would handle on bald tires, and so far so good. I drive a SUV so it’s heavy and even without 4×4 or all wheel drive it does pretty good.

Only bad thing about the snow was when I took Poncho out to potty, I slipped and fell on an icy patch and landed all my body weight on the outside of my left wrist so I put some CBD cream on my hand which helped a bit and took Tylenol for pain which doesn’t help really but is bette than nothing. I don’t think it’s broken considering I can type this and I’m only in moderate pain. No sticking out bones, nothing too crazy. Probably sprained. I forgot how much even a sprain could bother me though. I guess when you are generally pain free after three years of ankle problems, you tend to forget the pain of other bodily injuries.

That’s it for me right now. New content up soon, I hope. I have had yet another writing rut so I gotta figure out a plan. The show must go on!

Much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    I never thought of the picture show thing either but it makes total sense. I have written the negatives of my relationship in my blog and I had someone comment they were concerned I was in a toxic relationship and they were worried about me. Though I appreciate the concern in the long run its only my thoughts and perceptions in sharing and in the rare times we don’t get along I get very apathetic and it shows in my writing when in reality it’s a two way street.

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  2. fishrobber says:

    I had one of these in the late 70s! That was my form of virtual tourism before the internet. I had discs from several national parks, the seven modern wonders, New York, etc. I loved it.

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