Christmas is over.

It is 8:36pm on Christmas Day and I can officially say that Christmas is basically over with for a whole year. Diego is reading in bed and wrestling Poncho for Poncho’s wine bottle (toy) and I am laying here next to them writing this.

It didn’t feel like Christmas all day today. Diego left at 7am to go to work and he called out Merry Christmas on his way out the door. I didn’t go back to bed and soon called my dad to see when I could come over to open presents.

My sister and her husband were super sick so they didn’t leave their house so it was just my parents and I on Christmas morning. My mom told me when I got there “Dani! You’ve been waiting 23, almost 24 years for this moment where you don’t have to compete with your sister; it’s just you opening presents!” I kind of laughed but it truly wasn’t the same without either her or her husband.

Not to mention my mom tells me to order whatever I want for Christmas using the cash she gives me and then once it’s delivered to the house, she will wrap it. So I already knew everything I was about to get. I enjoyed my gifts none the less because they were things I wanted but it’s not the same as someone surprising you with something.

My enjoyment came from seeing what I got my parents for the holiday. I got my dad new slippers, same thing as last year but his old ones were ruined and too small so this year I made sure to get it right. For my mom, I got her a sunglasses display holder thing. My mom loves sunglasses and she alternates them with her outfits and so I gave her a thing so she could display all 6 of them. She was very pleased so mission accomplished.

I got two pencil cases, one with multiple secret hidey spots and one that says “bag full of drugs” with a picture of pills on it. I intend the latter bag to be for my bipolar meds. I got an adult coloring book, a self love work book, a stencil, a bullet journal, and I think that’s it. Oh, and sunglasses.

I didn’t need much at all and I probably got too much in all honesty. I helped my dad move somethings around the house and then I left before noon. Poncho was home alone and I’m not sure what he was going to get into. But I made a stop at Diego’s mom’s house and had a present and flowers in tow for her. She hugged me hello and was very gracious about me dropping in and was very hospitable as per her usual self. Make yourself comfortable, but you’re still our guest.

We talked for a long time and I got to see Diego’s brother who has autism and Down syndrome. He’s the cutest 12 year old boy and has the most infectious laugh. He is as tall as me now so about 5 feet tall. I think he’s gonna be taller than 6 feet when he grows older because Diego is the short one at 5’11” his dad is I think 6’3″ his sister is 5’11” and his mom is my height. So who knows. But I saw him and when I asked if he had been a good boy he shrieked “Yeah!” and ran away so that was the end of that conversation, but before that he gave me a big hug. He is 98% nonverbal besides saying “yeah” and uttering different sounds but you can definitely tell his mood and disposition at any given time.

I was there about a hour and a half when his mom’s sister and family came over and so did Diego’s sister and her husband. I greeted everyone in my Spanglish. Then I excused myself to leave because I had to get home to Poncho. I felt bad because his mom was about to serve the food and the Mexican hot chocolate drink with masa mixed in. It starts with a “c” and reminds me of an Oompa Loompa which is probably not a politically correct statement to make. But if you know what I am talking about comment below because I wanna see how that word is spelled.

I got home to Poncho and he had only destroyed some stationary of mine. So relatively small. I worked on my bullet journal cover page until Diego got home and we have been chilling ever since.

I feel better as the day moves on now that they holiday wave of anxiety has passed.

Much love to you all this holiday. It is time for bed.


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