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After a month and a half of trying to find work, I finally got a job offer yesterday! My self esteem has been in the toilet lately because of this no job issue. I felt like a failure since I have taken on at least a dozen or more interviews and applications. But yesterday was the day! I finally got one job offer. It’s for a community health worker position, which is definitely in my field of choice. The job doesn’t pay very well, but they do have great benefits and retirement. But that isn’t the worst part about this, I couldn’t start work until January 24th which is over five weeks away and I wouldn’t get paid until sometime in February.

I want this job but I can’t be without work until then. Well, not without work, but without pay. I’ve made due for the time being but I can’t go on much longer without a paycheck. I have been submitting unemployment claims, but nothing yet. I think I am going to call once they open and figure out why my claim has been in adjudication for almost two months.

I had another different job interview yesterday for a treatment assistant at a rehab facility. It’s a government job which I have had before and it’s in Diego’s town so since I am moving in with him whenever I move my stuff in, it would be nice to not have a long commute to work.

The thing is, I have to inform the community health worker employer of a decision by the end of business today and for the treatment assistant (and the grocery store position), I won’t find out until next week about a decision. So I think I will accept this job offer, and if I can start this next week before Christmas as a treatment assistant, take that job and decline the first position saying that it didn’t have a soon enough start date.

After my job interview yesterday, I made dinner for Diego and I. I made chicken parmesan, some noddles with spaghetti sauce, and broccoli. I had the wrong idea of when things would be done cooking so I started the side dishes at the same time as the chicken parmesan so I forgot to keep the broccoli and spaghetti warm while the chicken was in the oven so my other dishes got cold. Besides that, my dinner turned out really good. I told Diego he could use the other two pieces of chicken parmesan for a heavy duty sandwich for lunch the next day.

After the interview and before I got home, I went to the dollar store. I bought some stockings and some little decorations for the house for Christmas. I bought three stockings; one with a puppy dog on it that had long ears that resembled Poncho, our dog. The next being an elf. And the third being gold and sparkly which I intended that to be my stocking. I got labels for the stocking. I got some markers, a little sign to paint and some red and green paint. Also I got some plastic nutcrackers which were almost a foot tall each and only a dollar so I got three. I got a little candy container too.

I got home to show Diego what I got and he said he wanted the sparkly stocking because he’s “fun and fabulous just like the stocking!” I thought he might want that one, but I thought he was joking about it. But he legitimately wanted my stocking. So I pulled out the labels and labeled whose was whose. Then I painted my “merry” sign and once I wanted to hang everything up, I realized I didn’t have any thumbtacks and tape wouldn’t hope them so I was bent.

I have nothing set in stone on the agenda for today. I think I will go home after Diego goes to work to start going through my belongings and try to figure out what I will bring over and what I won’t. I have over ten grocery sized banana moving boxes to go through so it will take some time. I don’t want to bring anything unnecessary if I can help it. I have more room for my belongings at Diego’s house than I do at my own, but I don’t want things to be too tacky. I designed how I wanted my office to look and I am very excited to have my own space for painting and school and what not.

I finally feel like exciting times are ahead full of new beginnings. I am ready for it!

Much love,


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    Serving sending positive employment mojo your way

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