Down with the sickness

Yesterday was spent downsizing, discarding, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning, and reorganizing. I went to my mom’s in the morning to start going through my things. I had about 9 boxes in her living room alone of things I had but did not actively use. I got rid of two full boxes of things I would take to the dump, and set aside a few items I could sell like my crockpot (we now have an insta pot) and some other kitchen items.

I moved the remaining 6 boxes into my SUV to take to Diego’s house. It was rough moving all these things by myself because I am terribly out of shape. Well I have a shape if you call a shape of a potato a shape lol but then again bitches love potatoes and they are delicious too so there ya go. Anyway. I left my mom’s house around 2:30 to go to the pharmacy and they insisted my prescription wasn’t ready even though I got a text from that store saying it was ready and I paid for it. I know it’s the holidays but it is infuriating when supposedly competent people are not competent and the lady had been there a while. Oh well, I kind of got over that and then I got into traffic which is also infuriating in its own way.

By the time I got home, I relaxed a bit and ate leftover chicken parmigiana. I decided I should probably move boxes before the rain picked up. Diego was playing video games and Poncho was at my feet the whole time trying to lift heavy things. When I closed the door on Poncho to grab a box from my car, he started doing the hound holler “owwwww owww owwwwwwwwww”. This got Diego’s attention and I guess he took off his headset and helped and carried most of the boxes inside. I thanked him because it would have taken me 3x as long.

I finally had my thumbtacks so I could hang up the stockings and decorations. I would have put the stockings on our tv mantle which almost looks like a fireplace, but I knew Poncho would tear them down so high up on the wall they went.

The day prior to yesterday, I picked out these stocking pictured above and I got the doggy one for Poncho because his ears match the stocking ears. I got the elf for Diego and the sparkly stocking for me, but Diego wanted the “fun and fabulous” stocking so that’s why I am the elf. I painted the Merry sign myself with cheap acrylic paint from the dollar store and the “get blitzen’d” sign was from Diego’s mom last Christmas.

After I found my thumbtacks and decorated I cleaned the house by taking out the trash, did laundry, put away some of my belongings, tidied up where I could. I cleaned off our buffet table and set up my coffee maker. I like coffee, but I enjoy Red Bull more. But if figure it’s cheaper to drink coffee and I have so much of it that I might as well use it.

I think I still have three or four boxes to go through. I also brought my clothes so those need to be hung up in the walk in closet.

I figure by Wednesday I can be all moved in if I keep working hard and cleaning as I go. Once I was done for the evening, I started to get really bad heartburn. Now, I have a history of GERD and it has been untreated for a while. But my symptoms subsided for a while. Now it’s like twice a week no matter what I eat, I get bad heartburn.

I am trying milk, antacids, pepto bismol, bananas, peppermint, you name it. No relief. Diego suggested I call my insurance company’s on call nurse to see what to do. I went to the insurance site and they had immediate Telehealth visits for free since I met my deductible for insurance. I am like shoot this is my time to shine. I signed up and waited for the phone call. I took one sip of my peppermint tea and I threw up and then was coughing up specks of blood. Not good.

So the doctor called about 10 minutes after I signed up and I told him what was going on. He prescribed me omeprazole which is a severe antacid I guess. I have taken it before but it’s been years. He said I didn’t have to go to ER, thank God.

I figure he would call it in to the pharmacy out by Diego’s and I think he did except that pharmacy closed at 5pm on a Friday and it was now 10pm. I didn’t realize at the time this shit was over the counter so I have had heart burn all night, waking me up constantly.

When I return from my drug store trip after realizing that the pharmacy was closed, Diego says his chest is congested and he’s got the chills. He slept in the other bedroom and I could hear him coughing all night.

I hope he’s not getting something serious. He tends to get sick once a year around this time. Last year he had like some sort of growth in his throat and he had to go to the ER for antibiotics and they almost hospitalized him. So I hope it’s just a chest cold, nothing more.

As we are sick in our household, the picture of Poncho below will make us all feel better with how cute he is.

Probably gonna try to sleep some more as it is now almost 5am.

Much love,


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