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I found my old bullet journal when I went to visit my mom today. I have tons of boxes all over her house full of things when I used to live with Diego. For those who don’t know, Diego is my ex-fiance and my on and off again boyfriend. I have known him just over seven years and we lived together for a year and almost got married and then he bought a house without my knowledge and this is the place where I spend the majority of my time to take care of our houndy dog, Poncho.

If it sounds confusing and messy, that is because it is lol. We are currently together, but not dating and I casually bring more of my things over here each time I visit his house and he doesn’t tell me to stop so I am rolling with it. I ultimately would like to live with Diego and get married, but until I get a job and hold one down for some time, that isn’t in the cards.

I am currently jobless, but I have two more job interviews this week. One being tomorrow for a community outreach position and the other being an in person interview for a grocery clerk position. I really hope to get the first job since it is in my field of study for university since I am a psychology major and all. But at this point, a job is a job and I know the grocery store gig has good benefits and insurance and pays once a week. I mean, who can beat that?

I finished two of my three finals today with one more to go and that isn’t due until Friday. I would like to do well on this one so instead of cramming a paper out and submitting it to be done, I am taking my time with it.

Today in the afternoon, I visited my mom. She wasn’t doing too good but we still managed to put up the Christmas tree and put the stockings along the fireplace. I went through boxes of mine trying to find my old heater blanket which I couldn’t find and came across my old bullet journal. Man I have small hand writing! I also didn’t realize that I wrote down my budgets as of last year around this time so I was able to compare budgets from this year to last year. In one year, I paid off 2 credit cards and roughly $10,000 worth of car loan, personal loan, and credit card debt and I still managed to increase my debt to a grand total of $44,000 whereas my debt total last year was around $40,000.

Granted some of my loans were essential. Two personal loans were an emergency as I had no job and no savings or income. One was for my misdemeanor DUI and car accident so that was kind of essential so I didn’t have to serve jail time. And the other being a student loan which I consider to be essential if it means I am ever going to get out of debt.

I was horrified by this news because I kind of expected my debt to go up as I had half the amount of credit lines as I do today. However, I didn’t expect ten grand paid off to equal more debt than where I started out with. But it is what it is. If I found a way to dig myself into this hole, I sure as hell can dig myself out of it. I am definitely going to be utilizing my budget workbook come January.

That’s it for me, folks.

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