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My lack of writing lately is thanks to finals week. It is now officially finals week. My art final was submitted a couple days ago, still awaiting grades for that class. I just completed my multiple choice final for psychology and did the best on this exam than I have on all the others. I am hoping my grade is at least an 86% in that class, but the higher the better. It doesn’t compute the way most grades do for some odd reason so I can’t receive a percentage for my grade. Last time I checked midterms, I had a B and I did better in the latter half of the semester than the first so we shall see what happens.

I have my communications final which is proctored that is due today. It is a multiple choice quiz and I have to be watched through my webcam which is creepy. I can’t move my head or mouth the questions or speak out loud because that is considered cheating because no one knows what is around my computer. I guess it makes sense and I am happy I don’t have to drive to the local community college to proctor my exam but it’s a little overboard if you ask me.

Lastly, I have my anthropology final which is basically word association with two definition terms used throughout the semester. I think I have to define and relate 6 pairs of terms for a 3 page paper. This sounds harder than it is. We had to do this at midterms and I think I got an A on it. So I am confident that I can do the same.

My mental health has been okay. I am kind of depressed because I don’t want to get out of bed. I procrastinated on my psychology paper due last night and spent like three hours up until the deadline trying to finish it. Luckily for me, it got turned in. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t very good. I have never felt so much pressure to do well in school as I do now at university. I know that each grade I will get is a minimum of a B. But I want to prove my parents and Diego wrong about me not having motivation to do school again. I wanted to kick ass this semester and prove the nay sayers wrong. I will do that, but now is the waiting game to get final grades back.

I am at Diego’s right now and it’s just before 6am. Usually, Diego starts work now but he has today and tomorrow off. Today we will take his car in for an oil change and go grocery shopping at Walmart. I need a couple of laundry baskets for his house here or at least some hangers because all of my clothes are either in his clean clothes piles or on the floor of his walk in closet. Why I don’t just move in is beyond me. My GPS calls his house “home” because I am here so much. I think that is hilarious because I didn’t program my GPS to do that.

Anyways. Diego is asleep in the other bedroom because Poncho is in the middle of our bed. I took Poncho outside not too long ago and he is fast asleep underneath my heater blanket.

I should have my finals done today and that will be good. Tomorrow I have to get my car’s oil change and then I have an interview for a community outreach worker at 11am. Then we have an estimator coming at 5pm to look at our back door. It doesn’t seal properly and since we live in a mobile home, it’s costing a lot to heat the house when half of it is going right out the door. Our heater bill was nearly $300.00 for the month of November. I don’t even run the heat when we aren’t home so I know our house isn’t sealed well by the windows and doors. Hopefully the door replacement or even to get it sealed properly is on the cheaper side for Diego’s sake.

My mom keeps asking when I will be home and I think it’s sad. I know she misses me, but we talk everyday, multiple times a day. When I am home, we don’t really hang out unless I am eating in the kitchen. She stays in her lair (her living room; yes my parents’ have his and her living rooms. They think the key to a successful marriage is to watch separate televisions because they don’t watch the same shows. 34 years of marriage so far, I think the got the system down pat.) And I stay in my lair (my room). I feel bad for not being around more but then I remember that I am an adult in college working hard. If I were away at school, she wouldn’t have seen me since August.

I think I need to up my antidepressants. They haven’t been changed in over two years and although I don’t want to be a medicated zombie, I don’t want to stay in bed all day anymore. I am hoping that I get a job soon so that I can make some income and set up my doctor’s appointments without worrying when I will get that job. I can then make my appointments around my work schedule. Maybe I should just make an appointment now so that it’s for the next year. But that would make too much sense! Ha.

Enough of my ranting.

Much love,


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