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I finished my art final yesterday evening. If I had to say so myself, I think it’s the best piece of art I have ever done. I had to do a master copy which is basically my interpretation of a famous art piece. The artwork could have been a painting or drawing in whatever genre art that I liked. The only restriction was that the piece had to be from 1963 to the present.

Contemporary art is interesting because it’s not what I envision as “famous” art. Most famous pieces come from the mid 19th – early 20th century. So it was difficult to find an artist that I wanted to use.

I ended up chasing the artist Lucian Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud who is a famous psychoanalyst in the psychology world. Lucian was famous for nude portraits and made many paintings that he worked on for eighteen months at a time.

I wasn’t about to do a painting for this class because my texture abilities with paint is slim to none. So I researched Freud’s few drawings and came across something called “Reclining Figure.”

This piece has a man’s bald head with thinning hair in the shape of a heart faced toward the center of the drawing. Around his bald head you can see the outline of his body. Freud uses a lot of cross hatching for texture and it kind of just spoke to me.

Lucian Freud’s Reclining Figure.

So just to be clear, that is the original. But I will show you my own interpretation of this image.

The only thing I don’t like about my drawing is his hand which I know I messed up. But hopefully this gets me an “A” for my last art project. I worked really hard on it, I think I spent two hours diligently making It and about a hour finishing up the shading. In my original practice sketches, I was going to add something in the foreground but I decided not to and to make his head the focal point,

That’s all I got.

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