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I was fairly productive yesterday. I reached my benchmark goal of finishing my fine arts paper (an annotated bibliography of ten plus sources). I mean, it wasn’t *that* hard, but it took me four hours to do which I wasn’t too pleased about. I was supposed to have a doctor’s appointment in the morning for my bladder disease, but didn’t go because I fell asleep. I keep waking up at 3am and cannot go back to sleep for the life of me until 6 hours later when it’s time to be up and productive.

Last night I took NyQuil and used my cpap machine despite its likeliness to create painful sores on my nose and face. I am not sure why my mask does that considering I clean it and my face regularly so I am not sure why the mask creates pustules around where the mask isn’t touching my nose or face no matter the humidity settings.

Even then, I only slept 4 hours from 11:45pm til roughly 3:45am. Next thing I knew, it was 5:15am and Diego was calling me. First he texted me to watch Poncho and I responded asking what time so he called me asking me why I was awake and I told him I hadn’t been sleeping well. So I told him I would get ready after the phone call.

Yesterday, Diego installed a dog lead in the backyard so Poncho could run the length of the yard without running away by jumping over our three foot tall fence. He have a wooden retaining wall in the backyard so he somehow put a stake into the wall and attached the metal lead. We have a shed in our backyard so he put Poncho’s huge dog bed in the shed with a big and old fuzzy blanket. He brought his food and water to the shed and left the door open so Poncho could take shelter as he pleased.

You see, Poncho is the goodest dog, but he is also the most destructive dog. Poncho is a coon hound and very much so a people person. He doesn’t really like other dogs but adores to always be at your side, even when you’re in the bathroom. So when I go home to my parents’ house and Diego goes to work, Poncho becomes destructive because he is lonely and bored. So he chews on the couch, shoes, socks, the entertainment center wood siding, anything he can get his paws on.

So Diego installed this lead so he could put Poncho outside during his eight hour work shift and during his hour and a half roundtrip commute. But since this was Poncho’s first day being outside, Diego wanted me to check on him.

So I first grab breakfast at my favorite drive thru coffee place. I had a Red Bull to go already, so I asked for a breakfast sandwich. The gal who works there knows me and is good friends with Diego and she ended up giving me a free breakfast sandwich! I was so shocked and surprised, it was sweet.

Then when I pulled into Diego’s neighborhood, I slowed down and rolled down my window. I couldn’t hear Poncho crying or barking so that was a good sign. I pulled up to the house and parked the car and Poncho tried to run toward me and was restrained to the fence line by the lead. That was when he started to whine and cry because he saw me get out of the house.

I quickly got to him to give him the lovings. He had never been so excited to see me in his entire life! Ha! I left him on the lead for the two minutes to bring my bags of stuff and art supplies inside the house to their respective homes and Poncho went nuts with the whimpering because he likes to always be underneath my feet when I am walking (this dog is a more extroverted people person than I could ever be and I am people whereas he is a dog lol). Once my things were in the door, I unclipped his harness and the lead. I give him more lovings and we run inside.

One of my tasks for the day is getting an appointment for an estimate to replace Diego’s back door (no that’s not a euphemism) of his house. The door doesn’t seal correctly nor was it installed properly so we need a new one that doesn’t let all the heat out. It was literally, I kid you not 53 degrees in the house when I looked at the thermostat. I quickly turned on the heat and I was gonna start working on my school stuff but Poncho was being very cuddly, affectionate and needy. So we laid down and slept for 2.5 hours.

I woke up to a phone call for an interview at a mental health agency for a community outreach worker position. It is next Tuesday at 2:45pm. 🙂

Diego bought me a heater blanket at Costco yesterday so I took Poncho out to potty and then we curled back in bed with my new fluffy heater blanket. It was so nice and it has a long cord so I can use it in the dining room while I work. Bonus points for that. Plus it heats up super quick.

Four more days of school and then I’ll have a break.


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