Wake Up Call

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3am comes to early when you go to bed at midnight and don’t actually need to wake up until 7am.

Last night was kind of dull at best, but it was another day I didn’t gamble or drink or go out or sleep around so that’s always a win.

I watched Gabriel Iglesias’ “Fluffy” new comedy special on Netflix with my mom and not to spoil anything but my mom cracked up at the part that Fluffy and his 19 year old son are smoking massive blunts with Snoop Dogg. I just thought it was funny how much she enjoyed it.

Then I decided to make use of my laying in bed in the lair time and do some filing. I bought a file folder box with wires for the file folders and a label slot and fabric handles. I bought this contraption about six months ago and now finally got around to filing my paperwork such as tax returns, pay check stubs, adverse action notices from former employers (man I had a lot of these; let me rephrase that. One time I quit my job and got a letter about it and the other my attorney employer fired me because I was bipolar which jumpstarted this blog. I won my unemployment case because he discriminated against me.)

Where was I?

Oh yes. I filed things like medical bills and statements, car repair reports, shipyard accident stuff, school stuff, etc, etc. I filled the box maybe 1/4th full of stuff so I shoved an unused show box in-between the unused file folders and the ones in use. I thought that was pretty innovative.

I cleaned my room a tad and I practiced drawing my final project for art class. We have the option to paint it, which excites me but also intimidates me. With pencil and charcoal I can erase if I make a mistake. But if I paint something, I don’t readily have that option.

I applied to more jobs. I am getting anxious about not having much money. As much as it is nice to complete my university finals week(s) with no distractions, I need some sort of income and now I am getting desperate.

I ordered some vitamin B complex gummies and I am hoping it will help my mood and help my overall health. I haven’t been slacking with my health because I am taking all my meds plus vitamin D3, but my doctor recommended I either take a supplement or come back for B12 shots in office which I don’t particularly want to do so I opted for the gummy “pill”. I actually have the tablets of this vitamin but it smells so gosh darn awful that I cannot stand to take it so hopefully this one smells better lol. I know how weird that sounds but if you find taking any meds as grotesque as I do, then you know the struggle!

I created a school schedule so I gotta get my art class essay done today for my artist of choice. We have to pick artists’ work after 1963 to create a master copy which is a copy of that artist’s piece of work with our own flair to it that fits the intentions of the piece. I have to find 10 sources for my annotated bibliography and I am not prepared for this kind of research so Lord give me strength!

The actual imitation drawing should be easy enough which I will do on Friday. Saturday and Sunday is meant for my psychology paper. And last but not least, Monday is meant for my two finals in communications and anthropology. Easy right?

Now it is 4:09am and I don’t have that much energy but I can’t go back to sleep. Might grab a Red Bull, make some eggs, and take a shower. I have my last doctor’s appointment with my urologist who I have been seeing for 6 years (since I got my bladder disease diagnosis) and now she is retiring. I am low key panicking because she performs a very specialized procedure and I am not sure anyone else does it in network in my county. So I got to get a referral today.

Wish me luck


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Good luck 😀

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