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If you cannot already tell from my two posts earlier today, I am bored. I am bored of being at home and not working. I had two job interviews yesterday which seemed to go alright but I am not sure when I will hear back… Maybe next week? Hopefully?

I went home today because my mom called me. I was at Diego the past four or so days and she was not doing too hot. Nothing physically wrong, just her mental illness isn’t in the greatest place and it comforts her to have at least one of us home even if I am upstairs in the lair doing my own thing.

I was kind of worried because my mom never calls me. After I wrote my two blog posts at 4:30am, I completed two assignments for finals, so one discussion board for anthropology and a powerpoint project for psychology. Then I decided to go lay down around 8am when I was done. I guess I passed out because next thing I knew it was 11am.

Then mom called. And I soon after came home.

So now I am alone and bored. I have two more assignments this week and two next week and then my semester is over. So right now, I am laying in bed writing this with my essential oil diffuser on, my fan directed toward me and I have my Christmas lights on and a lamp. Very aesthetic.

But I already miss Diego and my dog, Poncho. Not like we hang out a whole lot while I am there because I am so busy with school, but now that I can see the end of the tunnel, I gotta pull through and finish strong.

I have an art essay where I have to research a modern artist and quote ten different legitimate sources, videos, articles, etc. and then I have to draw my interpretation of that piece of art. For the practice drawing, I did American Gothic and I think it turned out pretty damn good. But now I have to use a contemporary piece of work for this project from 1963 – onward so there isn’t a whole lot of complex art pieces done after the ’50s that won’t be duplicated or taken by another student.

Then I have to do a psychology three page paper about bipolar disorder and three either physiological, behavioral, or emotional side effects of that. This should be fairly simple since I get to write about myself, but I need research to back up my words and that is the difficult part.

Next week I have two finals; one in anthropology and one in communications. I think I can complete them both Monday and then I will officially be done for the semester.

Good luck to me and God speed.


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  1. The feeling of having a few things left to do before being done for the semester does feel like a great thing to be done with. Wishing you all the best with that so that you can enjoy the season. Thanks for sharing!

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