The 11th hour

Day 5 of the Blogmas challenge.

Of course I wait until 10:54pm to start blogging, but in my defense, the past seven hours I have been researching definitions and key ideas for my anthropology paper that was due in one hour. Luckily I got it done a few minutes ago between my two rounds of vomiting. Yuck!

I made tacos and Diego made the pico de gallo which was super hot with this one jalapeño he added, seeds and all. Now normally I am not a complete wimp with heat, but this sucker was H O T. We had beans and rice in the fridge for two days which I decided to reheat on the stove to make them more edible. Of course, ten minutes later Diego is on the toilet and then I start to feel sick. About thirty minutes of sweating and gagging while writing my three page paper I get sick.

But my paper is done and I only got a week left starting tomorrow of finals. That’s all I got for today guys. Sorry for slack a lacking this blogmas challenge. We shall see how I can start procrastinating less and writing more content.

Much love,


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