A general list of favorites

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Hello all! Welcome to Day 4 of Blogmas, a holiday blogging challenge where I write everyday leading up to Christmas. So little time, and so much content ! Today I will be discussing a list of my favorite things. This can be from food, to booze, to shows, to items to buy. This is just a general list so it won’t include everything but it should include enough. Make sure to add your favorite things in the comments below! Enjoy 🙂

A few of my favorite things

  • Booze: right now it’s tequila even though I am a bourbon girl at heart. Favorite tequila right now is – Corralejo.
  • Tv show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Vulgar comedy show that is so outlandish and ridiculous that it’s funny.
  • Hobby: writing or painting, depending on my mood.
  • Video Game on any platform: the Sims or Grand Theft Auto 5. This may sound strange together but I like the Sims for easy playing and GTA5 for running into things and doing things I can’t do legally in real life.
  • Favorite organization hack: a magnetic menu board for my kitchen fridge. Makes meal planning a breeze and it is also has a grocery list which is handy.
  • Favorite makeup store: Ulta. They got everything!
  • My go to clothes department store: Kohls. They reel me in with their Kohls cash all the time.
  • What I am binge watching: The Explained. series on Netflix. It is I believe by Vox news and it is a documentary show divided into 20 minute episodes about topics explained such as money, debt, casinos, makeup, any topic really.
  • Guilty Pleasure: shopping on Amazon for random things.
  • Favorite city I’ve traveled to: San Diego, CA. I’ve been twice in three years.

Today has been a busy day, I thought I would have added more to this list, but just think of this as a to be continued. I am exhausted even though I haven’t done a whole lot. I did have lunch with a friend and took a long nap afterwards. I started this in the morning and now I have no motivation to finish it. Sorry ya’ll!

Hope you all had a great Saturday wherever you are at.

Much love,


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