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There are three days left in the month of November which leads me to think it’s time to start preparing for Blogmas! I couldn’t find a written template of ideas for Blogmas since usually people post for Vlogmas which is for the video blogging challenge.

I have had ample time to consider what I should write for the holidays, yet I am still going blank. I think I want to break the days into groups of five. So five topics over the 25 days leading up to Christmas. So that leaves us with 5 posts per topic, so a post a day.

I am kind of writing this particular post on the fly. I am going to create and think of ideas for Blogmas as I write this so know that if I write an idea here and I don’t blog about it in December, I just thought of something better instead!

The five topics will be given headers and each idea will be given a number so bear with me, I think it should make sense though 🙂

Mental Health

Obviously since this is a mental health blog, I gotta write about mental health. I know holidays can be rough for those who experience depression and anxiety among other things. I think it is important to talk about mental illness around the holidays because during the happiest of times most people hurt the worst; they smile through the darkness. Let’s get to it.Mental Health Update. This will just be an update about my own mental health and the things that are going on in my life.

1. Mental health update

2. Coping mechanisms

3. Pills I take

4. Vices and Inner Demons

5. My “why” behind Precarious Aquarius. Why I am so passionate about mental health awareness and helping those in need.

Personal Finance

This topic has been near and dear to my heart lately as I have been struggling with my own finances. Having a background in the big bank industry, I am well aware how to balance a checkbook, do a budget, and manage money. I am just bad at managing my own money lol. With that being said, I am on a journey to become debt free and I will share that all with you.

6. Budget with me. This will be a review of my finances and how I would ideally budget my paycheck.

7. Debt Payoff. This will be embarrassing but it will show how much debt I am in and my plan to overcome it.

8. Savings Challenges. All of the challenges to save more money! I will add some print outs that are available that I have made over the past couple weeks that are too good not to share.

9. How to Personal Finance. My tips and tricks to saving, investing, and retirement all from my experience working for one of the big banks.

10. My Debt journey. My relationship with money, what I have learned, and how I have accumulated so much debt, along with my plan to become debt free.


This topic is inevitable during the holiday season, especially when we have a blogging event named after Christmas.

11. Christmas buys. How to be ballin’ on a budget this Christmas for decorations, gifts, and food.

12. Favorite Christmas traditions. This will list all the traditions and things I like to do during the holiday season.

13. How to escape the holiday blues.

14. Dear Santa. A letter to Santa from an adult perspective. Have I been naughty or nice this year?

15. Favorite Christmas memories.

A few of my favorite things

This will be a section of my favorite things.

16. Music. Best bands, artists, songs, playlists that I can think of.

17. Blogger appreciation post. This will be a shoutout to all my favorite bloggers that I have become virtual friends with or that I thoroughly enjoy reading their content. If you want a shoutout, comment below and I will look at your blog and shout you out!

18. Best in film and television.

19. A general list of my random favorites from booze, to stationary, to electronics.

20. Favorite food/recipes.


This section will be about organization, cleaning, stationary, anything glitter and pens!

21. Favorite writing utensils.

22. Am I a messy or neat person? Cluttered or organized?

23. Organization hacks, tips, and tricks.

24. Lists to keep your house (and life) in order.

25. Vision board. An update of my vision board and the goals and how I plan to update it.

By golly, that only took one nap and 2 hours to complete but it’s done! Hope you’re looking forward to the future content here at Precarious Aquarius. I know I am excited and to see all of your comments and messages just warms my heart.

Don’t forget to like, comment, follow, you name it. Do the things.

Much love and see ya soon!


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