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I have been thinking a lot of my brand, Precarious Aquarius and how to rebrand the name and what I have created. I love that I have created a great blogosphere that is safe and enjoyable for all, but I don’t think this blog is serving everyone, including me, the way that it should.

I have contemplated opening an Etsy shop or upgrading my WordPress account so that I can sell merchandise along with blogging. I have thought of doing everything from t shirts to bumper stickers to planners and journals that are digitized and can either be used online or printed out.

The only thing I could see myself doing is the latter because I would have to get a lot of people and money involved in order to make shirts. Although I have neat self care and mental illness ideas in my head that are not currently marketed by any mental health website or organization, it feels kind of cheap to start trying to monetize my blog.

But then I have the thought that why wouldn’t I earn passive income on something I would be doing anyways? I recently bought the iPad mini 6th generation and I didn’t realize how small it was when I got it. I bought a little composition notebook case for it so it looks super cute and aesthetic. Anyways I have been learning how to create planners in keynote and good notes on my iPad via YouTube and it doesn’t seem as hard as it sounds to do. I am talking 100 page notebook/planner here, not your rinky dink flyers with feel good sayings on them.

Budgeting has been my latest passion project, even more than mental health has been, dare I say. Don’t get me wrong. I love mental health awareness and I know we all need more of it. However, being as stable as I have been in my life means I need something new and different to focus on. I lose momentum and passion about projects easily as I dart from one concept to the next.

I am honestly surprised that I have stayed with my mental health niche for as long as I have! As an Aquarius, we are kind of known to be a *little* flighty when it comes to passion projects. I think what I am going to do is broaden the niche a little bit and make this blog more lifestyle oriented with emphasis on mental health and planning/budgeting/organization. I will keep the Precarious Aquarius title and post more content related to my new and widened interests. I am not sure when or how I will start this or even if I will start this. But I figure you all have a right to know where my head is at.

Onto new journeys!


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