Back in the Rhythm

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Today was just a solid, kick-ass day. Just so you all know, Poncho is feeling much better. I was able to come home on Sunday afternoon just before Diego got off from work. I could have stayed longer, but I needed to do some school work and ya’ll know my focus when I am there is not on school. Even when Diego is at work, I am focused on my puppy because I don’t get to see him terribly often and when I am sitting at the kitchen table, trying to work, Poncho looks up at me with those big, brown Houndy eyes of his and taunts me. By taunt me, I mean he stares at me until I give him the lovings that he deserves.

Diego got mad at me for not completing my school work while he was gone. But in all honesty, I work best in the evenings and that was when each of my assignments were due. So once he got home around 3pm, that’s when I would start to work on school which would last until about 9pm and then he would have to go to bed. So I missed the boat because I couldn’t do my school work during the day time, but at least I got to spend some quality time with Ponchie boiiii and take some quality naps together.

As for today, Monday. I woke up around 9am. I stayed up until 2am completing my defensive driving class which now completes my legal obligations for the time being, thank the Lord. I paid for the class myself, so that leaves me with owing my father just over three grand in legal fees. I am trying to save up as much money as possible to repay him with a little interest in return. But being done with any more legal or court costs is phenomenal. Everyone makes mistakes in life and I wouldn’t be here today for the ones who have helped pick me back up.

So today, I called the local cheap haircut place around 10am and got an appointment for 11am. So I quickly got ready to walk out the door. The night prior after doing my class, I bought a couple of Christmas gifts. Two gifts for my sister and her husband, and one for my best friend. Because they may be reading this, all I will say is that I got both gifts from Etsy. I did my budget for Christmas season, and I will only be spending $205 in total for six people. That may seem like a lot or not at all. I am overspending on Diego because he wants an instant pot which is a rice cooker and a crock pot and all those other things and it’s about $90. I may wait to purchase it for a good Black Friday sale, but I usually pride myself in having all my Christmas shopping done by the end of September.

This year, I will have 3 of 6 gifts by the first week of October. My mother has a birthday in the month of December, so I have to get her a birthday gift and a Christmas present. I am getting her a favorite lipstick of hers in her favorite Barbie pink color and for Christmas, I am getting her a sunglasses display stand. That sounds lame, I know. But she has six pairs of sunglasses and she always wanted a display for them so here I am. I am getting dad slippers because his ones now don’t fit; they are too small. So all the above is gonna run up to $205, mainly for Diego’s gift.

Back to my day! I keep thinking of random things to add that aren’t relevant, but add to the productive day I had today. I got my hair cut so I shaved the sides with a 1.5 clipper and left the length on top. After that, I went to the credit union to make a car and personal loan payment. Then I went to the pharmacy for my mom and then I returned home.

I had clean clothes to put away, but I had a communications quiz that I had to take proctored before midnight. So I did my quiz and got about a B- on it, which isn’t terrible. My anthropology paper was graded and I got a 100% on that and that is my most difficult class by far!

So as far as grades go, here we are at the beginning of week 6 of 16:

Anthropology 86%

Communications 90.56%

Fine Arts (Drawing) 90%

Psychology 88%

The only reason my grade is so low in anthropology is because I forgot to turn in an assignment worth 5 points and it tanked my grade. Now that other assignments are being graded, it will boost it right back up.

As long as I can keep up this momentum, I will be good and my grades should only improve.

I celebrated my good grades by baking a frozen pizza and putting away clean laundry. I showered and put on lotion AND even did my skin care routine. I still had some homework I had to do today, so I just did the easy stuff. I couldn’t do one of my discussion boards, so I did the other and I did some of my reading for my psychology proctored exam that is due by Sunday, October 3rd. I hope to finish my reading by Wednesday night (I work the next two days) and then do my proctored exam for psych on Thursday. Thursday afternoon I see my urologist for my bladder disease. I might work Friday and try to get my art project done Saturday. Finish any other projects Saturday and have Sunday off.

I feel like today just flowed together seamlessly. It was such a blessing that I praise God for.

Thanks for reading my rant, lol.

Much love,


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