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Two nights ago I stayed up until 4:30am in order to get an essay completed for my communications class. Knowing I had work at 7am that same day, I got some shut eye for almost two hours and was only ten minutes late to work. Fortunately enough for me, my day was non eventful which means no major acts of violence or rule breaking happened so it was okay to be tired and a little off my game.

This choice to procrastinate led me to complete my assignment early enough before the deadline that I was able to sleep in from 10pm Wednesday night after work until almost four in the afternoon yesterday. Yet I am still tired.

I feel like I am spinning in circles. No matter what I do, or how well I do it, another assignment, another workday, appears in front of me. Each day, each piece of work more daunting than the last. I am keeping up fairly well. But this semester is definitely kicking my ass.

Today, Friday, was pay day. Same spinning in circles comes from payday too. Just enough money to barely scrape by until next pay day, but it’s hard for sure. Will definitely need to pick up more hours than originally anticipated so that I can do my savings challenge. It’s hard because I want to devote more time towards school, but I gotta work to make ends meet. Plus, if we’re being honest here, even if I had more time to devote towards school, I would use the excess time to sleep or not be productive. At least if I am working, there is more money in the bank and I am less stressed about that and my time available to do school is actually spent productively.

I would have worked today and this weekend, except today Poncho had to get neutered while Diego worked so I had to take him to his vet appointment. About a hour after Diego left for work, I got Poncho in the car and Poncho hates the car. He’s happy to go just about anywhere, but he hates the car ride to and from. I dropped him off about 7:30am and stayed awake for a few hours. The hospital called me around noon to say surgery went well and he can be picked up by 3pm. Since Diego got off at 2:30pm, that worked out perfectly so he could pick up Poncho.

About 4pm, I hear a dopey Poncho waddle on in with the sound of Diego’s work boots hitting the floor. I was still in bed from my all day nap adventure. I guess Diego had a rough day too so we tried to get wobbly Poncho as comfortable as could be with the cone of shame on his head and we all cuddled and watched Diego’s favorite movie, Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. We ended up taking the cone off of Poncho until he started licking his lumpies (or what was left of them) so the cone went back on. He looked awfully cute, yet pathetic with a cone on his houndy head and a bone sticking out of his mouth.

Diego and I ate leftover teriyaki from the night before. Diego played some xbox while I tried to cuddle with Poncho in bed to make him comfortable. I guess he stayed with me until I started snoring once again. I do remember him laying underneath my chin and his nose was wet and he laid along side me.

Now as Diego went to bed around 9:30pm, it is my turn again on Poncho watch. It is sad because he keeps running his cone head into every wall and every door no matter the size. He won’t sit and relax. I got him to drink a lot of water and put ice cubes in it so he could suck on the ice and stay hydrated. As I blog this I hear the fridge running and then *thump, thump* and then a few moments later *thump*. Then Poncho starts to cry because he hates the cone. I tried taking off the cone, but then he licks his spots again, so I gotta put it back on. We are both miserable.

If this is what being a parent is like in any regard, I couldn’t do it. Too stressful and emotionally tolling. I feel God awful about this dog let alone a human child that I forced into this world.

Hopefully tomorrow is better for Poncho. At least tomorrow he can have some pain medicine and something else to help with the pain and hopefully help him sleep. At this rate, the only one here getting any sleep tonight is Diego.

Until next time, my friends!


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