How to Stay Calm

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It has been a rather hectic day and a half for some reasons that I will leave up to the imagination. I thought about hashing out a major fight that I had with someone here on the blog, but thought that was rather petty and immature. So instead, I am trying to calm my nerves because I am still seething and emotionally burnt out from it all.

So here are my tips and tricks to stay calm and carry on!

1. Drink a hot beverage

I always suggest boiling hot water for tea or brewing coffee (decaf for evenings or late nights) because it takes a little bit of time and a little bit of TLC for each cup of your beverage of choice. By getting out all of the ingredients and things required for tea, let’s say, takes tact and care. Getting out the tea kettle, putting fresh water into said kettle, putting kettle on the stove or flipping on the switch of the electric kettle. Then you get out your favorite cup, the lemon, the honey, the sweetener (I use stevia) all while patiently waiting for water to boil. Oh! Don’t forget the tea! And once your water is hot you pour in all of the items listed and then you wait for the tea to seep. Wait for the water to cool down. And then enjoy 🙂

This process requires patience and when you’re in a fit of rage may not calm you down, but it helps wind you down and process the day, think about what you’re grateful for, what you want to work on, etc.

2. Pet your dog or cat.

It wasn’t until I got my dog Poncho and now no longer have him (he’s with my ex) that I realized how much caring for another living being has positively impacted my life. When I was stressed or angry, he could sense it and would do everything to comfort me. Maybe this is you and your dog. Maybe your cat is your comfort source. Either way, caring for someone/something else besides your self can improve your moods greatly. I always suggest to take your dog on a walk in the evenings or early mornings and then cuddle with your dog in bed or on the couch and pet them. Get all their scratchy spots and give them the lovings. By giving them the lovings, they will give you lovings tenfold and if your pet doesn’t put you in a better mood, I don’t know what will.

3. Use candles or essential oils.

Now I used to be anti white girl and all against having or using candles or essential oils and diffusers and all that jazz… however. I have had a recent change of heart and one day, I impulse bought a changing light up essential oil diffuser with 8 different oils. I turn off all lights in my room besides the white Christmas lights that hang on my ceiling and I turn on the diffuser and it starts displaying these pastel colors that change from white to green to blue to orange to red. It expels these scents that make my room smell good and supposedly help with either stress relief, head aches, physical health, etc. As far as candles go, I actually got a vanilla bean candle at work for free and I can’t wait to light it and relax with my tea in the lair.

4. Write about your feelings.

I know this may seem easy for the writer to say “Write about your feelings”, but I swear by it. No, you don’t have to publicly write your feelings on a blog post or on social media, but I do suggest writing in a journal or use a word document to type or hand write how you feel, how you are doing, what are you facing, work, school, friends, family, ups and downs, goals, and fears. I am a fan of doing “brain dumps” where you write everything you are thinking down, all in one place without censoring yourself. I sometimes do these brain dumps on the blog and they can make as little or as much logical sense as you want it to make because primarily, it is for you and your eyes only and to make YOU feel better.

5. Get your heart rate up.

If all else fails, I say work out. Hit something, go for a run, do cardio, lift weights, go for a walk, go swim, do pull ups, do some stretching or yoga. Whatever it may be it should help you calm down or at least distract you from what you were upset about in the first place.

Now if you are severely depressed or manic, maybe none of these work for you. A bipolar guide to calming down is in the works so stay tuned for that. But if you’re just in an average frame of mind or are trying to go to bed for the evening, I suggest doing any or all of these things and they should calm and relax you.

Much love,


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