Not the best day

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Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not literally, but figuratively. I didn’t sleep well at all because I suppose during one part of my sleep session I threw my cpap machine mask onto the floor somehow without even taking the straps off. I have a full on face mask so how I got it off my head without waking myself up us beyond me. So my sleep was off and I had to be up to get to my work orientation for my new job. It all goes downhill from here.

I go to the store that I work at for orientation. I ask the customer service desk where to go for orientation and she told me she didn’t know anything about orientation happening today. She calls one of the HR people to come over and this lady walks up to me. She says that there was no orientation today and it should have been in the email that I supposedly got. I told her I never got a call or an email that orientation wouldn’t be until the 14th. I told them that I cannot work on Wednesdays because my other job is a 12 hour shift on every Wednesday. They told me to either call out of my job on the 14th or they “guessed they could figure something out”.

I left and called my mom that I was headed home. She felt bad for me, but my feet are still super swollen to the point that wearing shoes is painful so I was kind of glad I didn’t have to work, even though it was a short shift.

But this meant I had no money for two more weeks at least, so I decided to put my Canon camera and iPad up for sale. I hardly use either device and I am in desperate need of some cash. So I went home to pick up the items that I was selling and since a buyer was interested in my camera, I agreed to meet him halfway between his place and mine which so happens to be in the same town that Diego lives in one hour south of me. So I packed up my things so I could spend the night.

I sold the camera and then went to the bank to make sure my account wasn’t over drafted. I deposited the cash and felt better about my situation; that I had more control. I went over to Diego’s to let Poncho out and chill out until he got off work. I did some laundry and decided to check my medical leave account to see the status of my application. My state paid medical leave application was denied, but it didn’t indicate as to why that would be. I called my mom to ask if there was mail for me from the state and she said no. So until I get that denial letter, I cannot appeal the decision. Also, I haven’t been paid since the first week of May so financially, I am drowning.

Diego got home soon after and I set up a time with someone to sell my brand new iPad Air 4th generation. We took Poncho to the dog park for a good forty minutes and then met up with the guy. So after today, and after making my account not be negative any longer, I have $630 to my name. This will get me through the 15th of July if I play my cards right.

Now we are just chilling out. I need to go to urgent care, the orthopedic one because the swelling in my feet is so severe. It could be a post surgical infection but I am not entirely certain since I had my surgery seven weeks ago.

I guess today wasn’t all bad, besides waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Tomorrow is a new day!

Much love,


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  1. socialworkerangela says:

    Prayers your foot/leg gets better.


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