Seaside Day #1

Yesterday was been a very emotionally exhausting day to say the least. I woke up at 7am Wednesday to complete my packing before we intended to leave, which are goal time was around 9am. I had to help my dad with all the food and boxes in the trunk of the car since we were taking my suv rather than their Honda Civic. We thought my trunk was bigger, but after take 3 full boxes of food rather than shopping in Oregon, my dad’s golf clubs, mom’s kites, and all of our luggage, it was a tight squeeze.

We fortunately got everything in. However, we had to put the smaller seat down in the backseat of my car so that we could jam the big cooler behind the seat and put the rest of our belongings on the seat itself that was laid down. Luckily 3 of the 4 of us are short because we wouldn’t have been able to fit the cooler otherwise. Diego couldn’t drive because he’s a bigger guy and with the cooler in the back, he couldn’t move the seat to his needed position. I think if we eat all of the food that we brought, we can get rid of the boxes and our ride home won’t be as bad.

Mom started out driving. I took a sedative so I wouldn’t get car sick. Not even an hour into the trip, my mom had to use the bathroom, so we stop at Diego’s house to potty. It worked out pretty good because we all had to go, but didn’t want to be the one to slow everybody down. When we finally had the realization that Diego couldn’t drive given the circumstances, I ended up driving through Tacoma and the trafficky parts of the trip and stopped about two hours after driving so we could get gas and change drivers.

Then my dad drove from Longview, Washington to Seaside, Oregon. It was a nice drive, this part, because I have never driven west of I-5 South along the Columbia River and then South to Oregon. We got to town around 2 or 2:30pm and everyone was a little on edge and getting hangry. Dad bought donuts for breakfast which is tasty but not very filling. Diego brought him and I biscuits and gravy before we left in order to be more full, but after six hours, our chunky selves couldn’t sustain much longer.

My parents were ranting and raving about this tavern that sold clam chowder and had good seafood. Although I’m normally allergic to seafood of all sorts, I can usually get away with clam chowder or some shrimp or 2 pieces of fish and chips. So we drive through town and see a Farmer’s market which I wanted to stop at. Everyone kind of blew me off and said that we would eat now and do stuff later.

We drove to the tavern which was now a swanky bar, so we go inside and get waters and cokes all around when it finally dawned on my parents that this place was bought and sold due to COVID-19 so the menu was entirely different and the seafood selection was little to none. Since we were at a bar, the waitress asked for my ID and looked at Diego and asked for his too. He left his wallet in the hotel room, so he drove there and back while we waited. Apparently in Oregon and you’re young, you need your ID on you at all times to enter a bar even if you aren’t drinking alcohol.

I was getting agitated because I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to eat, I had my heart set on seafood. Plus they had my favorite beer, Mac and Jack on tap and I would have given my left breast to have had a beer that day. So Diego gets back and we all order food. I settled on tacos, one mahi mahi taco and one shrimp. It wasn’t bad but I should’ve ordered a third one because I was still hungry. I was eating everyone’s French fries so I was glad at the room we had more food and a kitchen to make it all in.

When we got back to the room, Diego and I decided to walk to the beach which was about a football field length away from the hotel. The terrain was rough and uneven so I needed a lot of assistance from Diego so I wouldn’t roll my ankle and he balanced me. I got a video of me run walking to the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t that cold but I didn’t get wet besides my feet.

We sat on a log to dry out our feet in the sand and walked back. We laid in bed for a bit and finally decided on bowling. My dad was making tacos and I didn’t really want that for dinner, so Diego and I decided to leave and do pizza and bowling to give my parents alone time.

When we got to bowling, I had been saying how much I wanted a beer or a shot of Jim Beam. We went inside and see a huge bar, but there was only one lane open and it was finicky apparently so we chose to not bowl. Then Diego asked me what my problem was outside because I had been having a moody day in all honesty.

I told him calmly that I felt like the trip was being ruined because there is nothing to do. The farmer’s market in town was only open that day from 2-6pm so we couldn’t do that. Dad didn’t want us driving a long distance to pick blueberries and that my friends, was the only reason I went on the trip was for the farmer’s markets and picking 10 pounds of blueberries. I asked Diego to help me find something to do for Wednesday night since plan A wouldn’t work. He just sat there on Facebook on his phone and I was getting frustrated and he said he didn’t care what we did.

I was starting to get angry because I felt like he wasn’t contributing and him saying I don’t know or care pisses me off. He was happy doing nothing because prior to going, he took a puff off of his weed pen and I’m like that is great and all that you can get high but I’m bored because I can’t drink or smoke. It’s not meant maliciously, his actions, but he knows I’ve been jonesing for a drink or to smoke or anything really so the fact that he wouldn’t take me to a bar or even to dinner or something made me infuriated.

I asked if he wanted to go to the arcade and he said sure whatever. So we drive there and I asked him if he wanted to split a pitcher of beer. Now mind you, I was ordered by the court system to not drink or smoke, but when I went to court yesterday, my forms said nothing about having to be sober anymore, so I think the coast is clear, but it could go awry easily.

He lost his shit.

He said I was putting him in the middle of a bad situation because my mom never wants me to drink again, while my dad wants me to wait to be sober until this court thing is over with. The fact that I asked for alcohol since I don’t have any money was unfair of me and then he said he “gave up” and said “pick a bar, any bar.” I was kind of joking about the pitcher comment but he didn’t see it as that since I was already up and down emotionally and had been jonesing for alcohol anyways.

He also hit me with the low blow that I have yet to take responsibility for my actions and those actions have consequences such as not drinking or smoking until justice has been served. He said he wasn’t always going to bail me out for my bad behavior and enable me any longer.

As I listened, I silently cried until we got back to the hotel. I don’t think we were going to the arcade anymore…

He jumped out of the car and I didn’t see where he went. I stayed in the car until I composed myself. I went to the room and my parents asked where Diego was and I said I didn’t know and explained what the deal was. Mom said to call him, so I did. He came back up to the room and was at the beach. We talked about a game plan for Thursday and hopefully we can all agree to something and stick to it.

After that, we were watching some raunchy romantic comedy that I only had seen since my dad likes to watch them. Mom went to bed, so my dad took her place on the couch and then when he went to bed I started to fall asleep on the couch and stayed out there because I knew my snoring would be worse in a new place. Diego went to bed shortly after my dad.

This morning is weird. Diego and I are sitting in the same room but aren’t talking to each other. My mom is kind of put in the middle of all of this while my dad is out golfing. Today it is cloudy with gray skies in the morning.

Today has been better for me emotionally and mentally. I haven’t had any outbursts and my dad got back to the hotel room around 9:30am. We made a game plan to go to the Nike outlet stores, explore downtown, and go to Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach. We also had going to Tillamook on the table.

Nobody found anything that they liked at the Nike store, we went to the candy store and somehow ended up with 4 pounds of salt water taffy between two people. Then we got ice cream which was a nice thing on a hot, summer day. We got some cool pictures at the park which I will share at a later date and we went back to the hotel to swim for an hour at the pool.

Diego and my mom bought crab to eat and my dad and I are gonna eat something else since he doesn’t like seafood and I am allergic to it if I consume too much.

We leave at 10am tomorrow and I will be happy to go back. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.

Til next time,


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