Footloose and Fancy Free!

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Today is the day I got my cast off and there was a lot that happened today, which I will share with you all. Overall, my anxiety has been going on and off all day long over minor issues and some major, but I made it through.

The main anxiety inducing thing happened first thing in the morning. I am not ready to discuss what the issue is quite yet at this time, but I had my third court appearance. It is normally anxiety inducing for anyone to appear in court, but when it is all done via Zoom, it’s a little more nerve wracking. At first, I thought I was in the wrong court room because I couldn’t find my lawyer in the call and so I texted her where she was. Granted, I was about five minutes early, but when you’re going up against a judge and you’re not on the docket, I thought I was about to poop myself.

My lawyer got onto the call and the new 10:30 docket opened. I stated my name and that I was present. My lawyer asked for a continuance yet again, which is frustrating, but in order to get the best deal and have a speedy trial at the same time, my next court appearance is in the middle of August, but it should all be over by the end of September. Thank God.

So after my case was dismissed for today, I had to rush to Diego’s house to take Poncho to the vet. My mom drove my car to help out with taking him to the vet. So after about a hour and a half of driving total, we got Poncho to the vet and he did not want to gooooo. At all. He was sleepy in the car and by the time we got to the vet, he knew where we were. Poncho wouldn’t jump down onto the ground from the backseat of my Kia Sportage so I had to lift his fat booty off the seat, and I almost dropped him, he’s so heavy.

He got on the scale and he weighs nearly 50 pounds! He is only 2.5 feet tall and very long, so he looks skinny but he’s my fat baby boy. He was growling at the other dogs so after I signed him in, I had to seclude him so he wouldn’t flip out. I had to walk back to the vet room with Poncho, but when Diego picked him up, everyone said he did fine and didn’t have to sedate him. Which is good. But he does have an ear infection which sucks.

While Poncho was at the vet, mom and I went to the bank and grabbed a sit down lunch at Panera bread. I got soup and salad, and she got salad and Mac and cheese. Both of us weren’t super full, but it sure did taste good despite eating hot food in 80 degree heat. To kill time, we decided to do our grocery shopping for our trip before I went to the doctor. So we did that and even with Diego’s employee discount, still spent $100 on junk food and stuff for the trip.

Next, the doctor! I was very excited to see her today only to be told I was gonna have to wear a boot for another month before I could truly be footloose and fancy free. I got fitted for a new walking boot because mine was very worn out and gross. So the second we got home I ripped my boot off and had trouble adjusting to walking on two regular feet. It was almost like I had two left feet with a touch of sea legs.

But I had to take that thing off in order to take a shower and shave my legs. I had been shaving the one not in a cast semi often but my golly! That surgical leg was ugly and hairy. After my shower, I began to eat leftovers for dinner and do my laundry for the trip. Diego called a few times to talk about Poncho’s ear infection and how we need to watch for if he paws at his ears, the infection in his ears could get into his eyes, so to be weary of that. I put lotion on my legs after my shower because my skin was looking old and was peeling. I used a foot thing (sorry ladies, I don’t know the proper terminology) like a foot scraper to get rid of dead skin. It was grossing me out but now my foot looks semi normal despite five huge scars from the knee down. And next thing you know, it’s nearly 11pm my time and I gotta get laundry out of the dryer and pack!

Much love to ya’ll! I am a blessed woman. And this bitch is going on vacation!


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