15 more hours

Photo by gya den on Pexels.com

Just fifteen short hours and I will be cast less! Foot loose and fancy free. I am so freaking ready you have no idea. I have been dying to take a real shower… Let me just clarify, I’ve been showering about every other day since I had surgery. The surgery made it hard for the first month to shower so I had to sit in a chair and my mom had to help move everything around so I can sit outside the shower and go into a sitting position in the shower. Not to mention wearing this giant plastic bag around my entire leg to make sure that water doesn’t soak my cast. After the first month, I have been able to stand to shower but it’s rather uncomfortable with a hard cast and shower bag, so my showers have been short and not as refreshing.

I am excited to shave my legs tomorrow evening, especially since we are all preparing to go on vacation on Wednesday. The only thing I am kind of worried about this appointment for is if she brings up the “B” word post cast. By “B” word, I mean back into the Boot. Granted if I am back in the boot, I can do just about everything I normally would and take it off during sleep and shower sessions, but if I need to go into it immediately, I won’t do that because I need a few days for my foot and leg to stretch out. Especially don’t want to be in a boot at the beach!

I know I am being a bad patient and not following doctor’s orders, but in all honesty, my foot feels fine. There is no pain. It’s only achy because it’s been in the same position for too long. I am ready to walk normally and to finally not be on crutches anymore.

Not to mention vacation. Did I mention vacation? I am very excited to get away for a while before I gotta start work again. I start work next Wednesday, so this will be a great segue off to a new job! I think we are going to try to find a local U-pick for blueberry and strawberry picking. There was one I found near Tillamook, Oregon and I said we should go eat their ice cream if we do end up going there. But we shall see, we definitely don’t have any definite plans, but I would imagine we will be quite busy.

Ok, the sooner I go to bed, the sooner my cast comes off so I’m gonna catch ya’ll on the flip side.

Much love,


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