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Today is Father’s Day. I woke up about 9am and went down the stairs and brought down my MacBook. I was going to play the 3 minute video I made my dad and project the video from the computer to the flat screen tv so it would be bigger, but I didn’t want to set it up. So I told mom and dad to gather around and the slides of the video display pictures of my grandparents with their son, my dad, and then it shows him with all of his siblings. Then it displays my mom, dad’s wife, and then pictures of my sister and I growing up. I put on pictures of my sister’s wedding and added pictures from their honeymoon. Then I added photos of Diego and I along with Poncho, our houndy boy.

By the end my dad was crying pretty hard and was wiping his tears on the crew neck of his t shirt. My mom teared up because she always does when my dad cries.

We also got dad a card and an air popper popcorn maker which he enjoyed. He thanked me for the video all throughout the day. After we watched the video, we video chatted with my grandparents since they live in Oregon. My grandpa watched the video full of photos of him, his wife, and all his kids and two of his grandkids. He was very impressed at my video skills and enjoyed the photos that many of us have not seen before.

My grandmother who suffers from Alzheimers was very confused and I believe started crying because she didn’t know who my family was and why her husband was talking to “strangers”. As important as it is for me as her granddaughter to spend time with her, I’m not sure of the best way to do that besides video chatting with the two of them when possible and visiting when I can. It’s hard to spend time with or be around someone who doesn’t know who you are. I mainly feel bad for my grandpa because he resides in an assisted living facility, yet he gets no help and has become my grandma’s only caretaker. She has the funds through DSHS and the state to afford for a certified nursing assistant or a caretaker of some sort. It’s sad the way our system fails those who are most vulnerable; our elderly and developmentally delayed populations.

Diego called me around noon o’clock and said he got off work early so I told him to come on over. We split a Coke and watched a game show together with my mom while my dad napped. It was good to see him and we got to pre plan some details of vacation. He had to go let Poncho out and take him to the dog park, so Diego only stayed about thirty minutes.

My sister didn’t come over today, but she called my dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.

Afterwards, I took a nap until dinner. Dinner was steak, a baked potato, and salad. Then mom and I watched tv until I decided to shower and she went to bed. I called Diego after I made my evening snack and we discussed each other’s day and talked about vacation and the dog.

All in all, today was a good day. It made me feel good to see my dad so emotional about how much we do appreciate everything that he does for us.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, or to those of you who are single mom’s or take on the role of a father for someone special in your life.

Remember, you are worthy!

Much love,


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