Crisis Resolved

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I went to the doctor today for my issue with breast tenderness and pain between my breast and left armpit. I went to urgent care because I didn’t know how serious this issue was, but she said it hasn’t turned into an infection or abscess quite yet. So I have to do self exams daily and use Tylenol and warm compresses to help with pain. If the area becomes more tender, red, or grows in size, then I will need to be seen by my primary care provider and get an ultrasound done.

She thought it also may be hormonal changes, but if it doesn’t change over the course of a month, to definitely get seen. I tried telling her I have never experienced anything like this due to hormonal anything before, but she said that changes as we get older. As irritated as all of this made me, I am just thankful I am being on the proactive side rather than the stagnant side or stubborn side. An infection I can handle, anything else would be devastating.

So crisis averted. I will call my primary care doctor on Tuesday when she opens her office and say that I am going out of town and see if I can get an emergency appointment as long as my symptoms are still persisting on Tuesday. Or at least get an appointment for the following week if she deems this non urgent. It’s just rough knowing I start work the last week of June and I can’t miss work over a new issue / doctor’s appointment. But we will see what happens, I won’t stress about it now.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I have created a little video / photo slide show for my dad of all of these photos from over the years. A lot he hasn’t seen either in a long time or if any at all, so it’s gonna be emotional for him. I showed my mom and she thought it was great and although I’m not with Diego tonight, I showed him the video via video chat. He works all day tomorrow and is spending the evening with his family so I probably won’t see him until Monday. Which will be ok considering I am going to be spending the better part of this week with him at the beach.

We also got my dad an air popper popcorn maker. If you have never used one of these, they are awesome! For $20 ish bucks, you can get an air popper and some popcorn kernels and it tastes even better than movie theater popcorn. Popcorn is a staple in our house, I eat it probably 5 nights a week after dinner as a snack and it’s not unhealthy unless you load it up with salt and butter, which I of course do because I love eating unhealthy. But I am about to go on my fitness journey with the help of my sister starting next Sunday.

Speaking of health journeys, I weigh the heaviest I have ever weighed, even if I exclude the weight of my hard cast for my foot, I still weigh about 195 pounds at 5 feet tall. Wow that hurts to say, let alone look at myself in the mirror. I have been walking around 2,000 steps each day this week which isn’t terrible for someone with a broken foot. However, I want to be walking triple that each day until I can get through physical therapy if the doctor deems that I need therapy. I know I will get some steps in at the beach and then at the start of the week of the 27th, I need to at least walk 6,000 steps a day if I am going to lose any weight.

I have a couple of keto diet books and cookbooks that my sister bought for me and I have been reading it slowly. She lent me a Dave Ramsey book so I am determined to read that first rather than the keto diet book just because it’s been a long journey trying to read these books and I want to finish what I started first.

As for my mood swings, I am slowly adjusting to feeling my feelings again and I feel more like myself despite me feeling sick with my breast issue. I had terrible night sweats and woke up freezing this morning. So besides dealing with pain, I am more like myself. I think before I would have been numb to the pain so it’s a good thing that I am reducing my meds and will eventually want to reduce them more if my body will allow it.

All in all, today was a good day.

Much love to you all!


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