Today is the Day!

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Late last night, I signed up up for my four university classes starting August 23rd and ending on December 10th. I will tell you all in a brief post what I have going on today along with my class choices. I got Dad’s blessing for these classes and he thinks it will still be a lot of work, but each of these classes are diverse, meet university core requirements, and they are all in my wheelhouse so I should excel at them.

Fine Art 110 – Drawing

Most of you who have been following my posts long enough may or may not know that I am okay at art. I started painting a little over two years ago and I actually took a drawing class in high school. Now I’m no real artist, I’m very much an amateur. But I have a lot of room for improvement and potential.

Not to mention I didn’t like any of the other online art options, so this seemed ideal.

Psych 105 – Intro to Psychology

I am most excited about this class because it is introducing me to my major and God forbid I change my mind about my major, I have four more years to decide what I want to do. Well, more like a year and a half. But I won’t change my mind.

Com 105 – Communication in Global Contexts

This is a humanities credit and it discusses the communication skills between cultures and societies with emphasis on communication styles and types.

I really needed a humanities credit. That is all.

Anth 350 Speech, Thought, and Culture

This kind of reminds me of the last class, but better? Yet harder because it’s an upper division course.

I needed a diversity credit that was not European or U.S. history because God knows I would not read those textbooks over again…


Sarcasm aside, I am excited for my courses. It will be difficult, but such is life.

I have breakfast with my best friend, then my interview, and a few hours after that, my urology appointment so I can feel like a real human again, as opposed to feeling like a gremlin.

much love,


Wish me luck!

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