Class Schedule + Job Interviews

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Trying to make the revolving pieces in my life turn in gear with one another takes very conscientious planning and timing. If it weren’t for my laptop and my planner, I’m not sure where I would be!Today wasn’t too busy, but I have one to three tasks to do every day for the rest of the month which is low key stressing me out. Going from having only surgery to deal with to multiple moving parts during my recovery is exhausting when I am still recovering from surgery. Actually it will be my one month post operation date tomorrow, June 7th, 2021.

Today I had a job interview for a front end position of a major retailer and tomorrow I have an interview for a major tech retailer, both local, and both offer assistance with tuition or tuition reimbursement. So there is one job I want over the other, but if either job gives me tuition assistance and the hours I need for school, I will be happy.

The interview that happened today went well. I had to video tape myself in order to submit my answers and now my answers are being evaluated by that individual store’s team, and I think if I get the job, I meet the front end manager for this location, rather than dealing directly with HR.

I am excited for my interview tomorrow because I do better in person, even this job will be a little more difficult because I haven’t worked with tech before, but the tech employee discounts would be pretty sweet.

Today I also had my academic advisor meeting with an advisor from my school. The phone call lasted about twenty minutes and basically was like, ‘Hey this is how to sign up for classes, and if you have any questions, email me.’

I found out that at this university, to graduate you need 120 semester credits, and I only have ten that are transferrable, which is about 3 classes. Four classes or 12-18 credits is considered a full load for my purposes as a financial aid recipient. Since I am on federal student loans, I am considered to be using financial aid of some kind, so I got to take 12 credits.

The thought of four different classes seems pretty intimidating to me and the fact that some people take SIX classes is beyond me. But going at the pace I’m going, it will take four full years to get my BS in Psychology. I was told I could either double major or have a major and two minors. I mean, in order to double major, my other major besides Psychology would need to be Sociology. But I don’t think I need to think about all of that right now, because honestly? A double major sounds more exhausting than taking the six classes in a semester!

I need to take Psych 105, a humanities class, an art class, and a diversity course. One of the classes I will have to take in my time at university is three science classes, two with lab. Science is by far my worst subject so I’m not sure how that will go, but at least Diego is good at science and took a bunch of chem classes in college so he might be able to help me.

I’m excited but shit’s starting to get real. Hopefully I can handle it…

Much love,


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