Productive Day

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Greetings! I have been super productive today and I thought I would document the experience to show myself in the future that I can actually be productive for once in my life.

I finished my sleep apnea test last night. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I most likely, and by most likely, I mean I absolutely have sleep apnea. But I needed to get officially tested for it and I completed the two night sleep study this morning with their nasal tubes and pulse oxygen rate gage. The test gave me a green button when I turned off the machine this morning, which means I passed. This does not indicate a diagnosis, just that I did the test correctly.

I thought the test messed up somehow the night before because the test gave me a red button after the first night. I am delighted it is over with and I will send out the test and the paperwork that goes with it tomorrow morning.

I have been told my snoring sounds like a train or if somebody is dying. I was told this by my mom whom I live with, Diego who I used to live with, and by many people I have spent the night with. They all have expressed concern for my well being so I guess now is the time to get this fixed because I don’t want others to not be able to sleep due to my snoring.

I woke up at 9:20am today and once I dealt with the sleep apnea equipment, I got ready for my orthopedic surgeon doctor’s appointment.

I got my bulky Jones’ cast off my foot and it exposed two new scars; one on the interior of my calf and one seven inch scar surrounding the top of my ankle and extending down near my toes on my feet. I don’t joke when I say this scar was seven inches, I mean, it is HUGE.

Doctor came in and said surgery went well. There was a very tiny posterior tibial tendon tear that she repaired and took out all of my hardware in my foot. Then she wrote me a doctor’s note excusing me from the following four weeks of work and she would reevaluate my foot then and determine when I could actually go back to work.

I then got my stitches out and a new fiberglass cast put back on. I chose orange for some reason and so my leg looks like a narrow pumpkin. I am happy the stitches are out because they have been bothering me for quite some time. I got another four weeks of non weight bearing, so I must use crutches for everything I do.

I submitted my paperwork to the doctor so she could sign my medical leave forms to give to the state so that I can be reimbursed for surgery loss time. Once I get those forms back, I can submit my application online and then get paid for the month plus I have off work.

Then I went home and called insurance. My dad kept telling me to call the insurance company because I had an outstanding bill that was due soon, but he didn’t think I had to pay it because I more than definitely hit my out of pocket maximum. I wasn’t on hold too long and was able to sort out the insurance issue which was a simple error on their part, so I can disregard the bill.

I then called my university for an advising appointment. My appointment is June 7th, which is a Monday. I will still be off of work by then so it works perfectly. I am excited because I will be able to sign up for classes then and get ready for the upcoming school year, which I believe starts August 23rd.

I emailed my boss that I would be out of work longer than anticipated. He, however, was very cool about the ordeal. He said just focus on getting better and he would forward my doctor’s note to Human Resources. I don’t think they will fire me, even if they wanted to.

I am now making this blog post, and it’s not even 4pm yet! I want to continue the productive streak, but I am afraid I got nothing left to do…. oh well, more reading and Switch time for me!

Did I tell you all? I got a Nintendo Switch and I am learning how bad I am at video games. It doesn’t matter too much except I can’t pass the necessary levels to move up in certain games lol. I get mad at the machine entirely too much. So I made sure to download puzzle games because there, I can at least hold my own.

So long my friends! Until next time!


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