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Has anyone here ever made a vision board? I have heard of the concept over the years of putting pictures onto a piece of paper or cardboard of what you want your future to look like. For example, those who want a nice car or a big house would put images of those things on their board to “manifest” them into reality.

I am not sure of the whole idea of manifestation, but I do believe in making goals and creating values for yourself in order to make your dreams a reality.

So in Dani fashion, I created my own “vision board”, but really, it’s more of a board of goals and ideas that I want to accomplish, along with ways to accomplish them.

I will add each title in bold and explain the purpose of each category along with what I wrote for each category.

Focus Word

A focus word is something you focus on when you are on your way to achieving your goals. It needs to put your butt in to gear and give you motivation to keep going no matter what adversity you face.

I chose the word TENACITY. Tenacity is the quality or fact to exist; persistence. It is also the quality or fact of being determined; determination. (All according to Google)

I thought this word would suit me because in order to meet my goals, I must persist and be determined.

What works for me, may not work for you. So feel free to insert the focus word that works for you or for any of the categories to follow, feel free to change what I put and use your own dreams and aspirations.

Thankful for…

This category you should list what you are thankful for. It can either be short or long. I personally kept mine brief, but it’s good to know who you love and appreciate in life and have a reminder of such on your vision board.

Mine says, “God and Family.”

Dreaming of:

Now this is where the vision board comes into play. List all of your short or long term goals that can be attainable.

Mine are:

  • Graduating with my bachelor’s degree
  • Losing weight
  • Success regarding my blog, Precarious Aquarius and my YouTube channel
  • Reduce debt


I would spend some extra time on this section to really evaluate what you value. It could be money, time, religion, family, among other things. How do your values align with what your dreaming of? They should align quite well with whatever you wrote in those particular categories.

Mine are:



-Self worth

A lot of my terms relate back to being true to myself, honest with my self, and valuing one’s self. These also are my goals when I blog/vlog. I want those to see my true self and so they can relate back to me with their true and genuine experiences.

I deemed these good values in general because they are something I hold in high regard and I want these traits in the people I surround myself with as well.


What’s a quote that motivates you to do better?

Mine is:

Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you cannot control what you do.


I love this quote because it really change ultimately comes down to self discipline. Whether it be losing weight or reducing the amount of debt you have. Without self discipline, I eat what I want and spend like there’s no tomorrow. Neither are good practices, so I really like to think of this quote when it comes to deciding whether or not I should do something. It helps me remember what I am fighting for which is better health and better financial freedom, in this case.

Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of things you would like to do before you pass away. Another reason why this category should be on your vision board is so you know what you are setting goals for. Goals and a bucket list can either be the same or different. For the sake of my board, I am putting different items in for my bucket list and for my goals so I have more to achieve and to dream of achieving.

My bucket list items are:

  • Meal prep everyday for a month (this includes cooking at home for every meal too!)
  • pay off all credit card debt
  • invest
  • create savings worth 6 months worth of paychecks
  • learn Spanish
  • create boundaries with self and others
  • reach my goal weight
  • go viral
  • one day, receive my master’s in social work (MSW)

The things I listed are somewhat related to what I wrote earlier as far as my goals go. But I think here, I elaborate more on what my goals will look like and this steps to take to reach my goals. But like I said, your bucket list can or doesn’t have to look like mine or relate back to what you’re dreaming of.


This section is then broken down into sub categories. These categories can differ for you and your needs. I use the categories, Habits, Career, Personal, School, and Home. But if you don’t work or go to school, you can either leave it blank or create another category whether it be for a hobby of yours, finances, cooking, cleaning, exercise, your blog, or anything really.

The goals section should really reiterate what you can or should be doing to reach what your dreaming of and/or your bucket list items. I would go into more detail with these goals so you are aware of what you need to do everyday or every week in order to be successful.

Habits. Habits are the things you should be doing, changing, and increasing/decreasing in order to change a habit, start on, or end a bad habit. For example, I want to lose weight so I will list the habits I should change or increase/decrease to suit this new lifestyle change.

  • increase water intake. I drink maybe 30oz. of water a day. I want to increase my water by drinking at least 64 ounces (1/2 gallon) of water a day. I can use my measured water bottle to help with this.
  • count calories. By doing this, I will better watch what I consume and by writing it down in my phone, I can keep track and see what is making me gain weight.
  • Track my spending every week in my spreadsheet. I can see what categories I am spending the most money and will reduce spending accordingly in certain categories.
  • plan out my school work each and every morning and stick to my plan so I don’t fall behind.
  • Allow 2 hours 4 days a week where I can focus on my blog or my vlog, so that I can grow both channels.

Career. This is where I would write about my career and the goals I have for it. I don’t currently have any goals for it, so I am going to leave it blank.

Personal. Personal and home is similar, but with personal goals, I am more so thinking about physical, mental, and emotional well being.

  • find a therapist to go and talk to once a week. Muy importante.
  • once I am out of a cast, walk one mile 5 days a week.
  • make more friends.

School. School can look different for all of us, but if you are currently taking at least one class, learning a language or trying a new hobby, I would devote a lot of your time to it and make it apart of your regular schedule.

  • Spend 6+ hours a day on school work Monday through Friday
  • Try to have fun and do non school related things on the weekend.
  • Spend more time on the subjects that I am struggling with the most.

Home. Now home is more like daily routines, food and cooking habits, personal hygiene, etc.

  • Make sure to get up out of bed by 9am everyday no matter what.
  • cook from home 5 days out of the week minimum
  • Do skincare routine every other day, in the evening after I shower.

Well I hoped you all enjoyed reading my vision board because I had a lot of fun making it!

Let me know in the comments what you are dreaming of or some of your bucket list items!

Much love,


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