My First YouTube Video

After talking about starting a YouTube video series for quite some time, after staying up all night to complete video taping and editing, I condensed an eight minute introduction to about five minutes. If you ever wondered what I looked like or how I sound, please go check out my channel.

The channel is under my real name, which is Dani Ahl. Well, technically my full name is Danielle Ahl, but you all know me best as Dani, which is my preferred name.

I will continue blogging for sure, so have no fear, but my time will be equally split by doing blog posts and creating and growing this new vlog. I mention Precarious Aquarius in the blog because I want to be known and recognized for both considering it is one business.

I was reluctant to use my full name on the internet in case I was treated differently by employers, but you can’t hide your true passion and hide behind fear. Whatever happens, will happen and I am not ashamed to be bipolar and neither should anyone else who is mentally ill.

I hope my sharing my story gives some of you hope and courage to share your own because our words matter and our stories have power. Without them, we lack life meaning and purpose.

I hope to grow the vlog like I did here the blog, Precarious Aquarius. I am not sure which will gain more traction, but if I help at least one person by being brave enough to publicize my life, then my job is done.

I am looking forward to the months ahead as filming and editing improves and the channel gets more traction.

If you want to watch said video, please click the link embedded in this post. Please, if you could, like, comment, share, and subscribe, that would be super helpful and meaningful to me!

In other news, foot surgery recovery is going well and I am not in much pain anymore which is truly a God send. I have a lot on my plate, even without going to work and now I must return in a little over two weeks which is crazy because the time is flying by! I am not ready to go back to work and I am going to see if I can extend my recovery time and get my doctor to write a note for me to stay home longer. I know if I go to work, they will expect too much out of me and rely on me to do more than my body can handle at the moment.

We shall see what happens though. But thanks for reading and giving my video a look see! You all are much appreciated and I love you much.

You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are precious, you are kind, you are valuable.

Stay the course and do better than you did yesterday!

Until next time,


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