Surgery #3 is a go

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On Wednesday morning, I got my hard cast off of my foot. The cast was one of the last preventative measures I could have taken before surgery would have been needed. I tried the arch supports, a steroid shot in my foot, along with the casting, but nothing worked.

On Wednesday the 21st, I found out I would be having a third foot surgery in less than three years on Friday, May 7th. Two weeks and one day. That is not a lot of time, let alone to give notice to work and set up FMLA.

I told my general manager today that I would be needing three weeks off work and wouldn’t be able to do much besides desk work for a total of six weeks. When I asked him what he wanted to do with me, he said he can’t be without someone in that role for that long. I said my co worker didn’t mind working the overtime and covering for me while I was gone. But he didn’t directly fire me. Actually, he didn’t say anything to me for the rest of the day.

So I have no idea if he will keep me on or not. I don’t really care either way I will get paid to have surgery whether it be through FMLA or unemployment. All he asked was to send him an email with all of the details and dates of when I would be gone and when I could return. He kept sending mixed messages but he will probably talk to my coworker about it and some other upper management if me being gone that long would be feasible. It’s not like the gal I work with hasn’t been working alone for most of the year anyways.

In my email, I wrote to the general manager the dates of my leave of absence and said that I was eternally grateful for this experience and if he must lay me off, that I would maybe be able to be hired on again after I recover. If I could take the time off, I would also be so grateful for them working with me through all the crap I am going through in my personal life.

He did say that he liked my drive and what I was bringing to the table. That was before I sent the email. Then I heard radio silence. I wondered all day today what the resolution would be regarding this.

If I weren’t in severe pain everyday, I wouldn’t do the surgery or at the very least hold off until a more opportune time came around. But this is the year of Dani. Prioritizing physical, emotional, and mental health comes first before any job. Even a job I am good at and others think I’m doing well in.

Anyways. That’s all I got. Just a lot of pressure on my plate with not knowing whether or not I will lose my job or not. It almost seems easier to me if they do lay me off and that way I can start fresh when I am ready, rather than rushing back to work for the sake of a job. But we shall see. If I’m not fired, I am certainly not quitting anytime soon. I need this, this job has been super flexible and it’s got the right hours and schedule for me so I gotta hang on for dear life.

Prayers that it all goes as He wants it to! It’s out of my hands, thank the Lord!

Much love,


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