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It’s been a while so I have written about myself and my mental illness. To be honest, I haven’t been blogging about my bipolar disorder because it seems to be on the back burner in my life.

I have been consistently taken my medication so I feel normal… well as normal as I think I could ever get or be. I am probably a little manic if I had to take a guess because I have been on a cleaning and organizing binge. I keep making my bed everyday, keeping up on laundry, hanging up clothes. I even bought a file folders and a file crate box so I can organize all of my paperwork.

Since I have been feeling more like myself lately, I decided to cut off all of my hair! Not to go completely bald, but to get a pixie cut. I have done one before and I truly loved it. I remember that Diego hated my short hair, but I was talking to a gal at work and she said something that really resonated with me, “You should do what makes you happy and that you enjoy! Who cares if anyone else likes how you cut your hair or do anything for that matter?”

The next day, I made a hair appointment at Ulta. So I will be cutting my hair this Sunday morning. To say I am excited is an understatement. To finally not worry or care about what others think is an incredible feeling. It’s stupid really, this newfound freedom that I have after not caring what others think. I am trying to be my best self and put my best foot forward and I think cutting off my hair is apart of that. Being my best physically, emotionally, and mentally.

There is only so much I can do physically due to having a hard cast on my foot until the 21st of April. But my hair is something I can easily change since I can’t really do much working out or anything like that.

I didn’t feel well today so I stayed home from work and did absolutely nothing. I got cleared to go back to work for tomorrow because calling out of work is a pain in the butt due to covid… but at least tomorrow is my Friday, even if I don’t feel 110% better. Then, on a more exciting note, I get my hair cut on Sunday and then go straight to Oregon with my dad for the day to see family.

I haven’t seen my family since my sister’s wedding, which was back in January of 2020. So to see everybody is super exciting. Family is ultra important to me and the fact that I could have lost my life in my car accident (for those of you who don’t know, I T-boned my car a couple weeks ago; luckily nobody or other vehicles were involved). The fact that I am still here and kicking is huge. So I am going to enjoy whoever I get to see down there and still have Monday to recover before heading back to work.

Not to mention this week the sun has been out and it was 75 degrees today. I didn’t get to enjoy the weather today since I was under the weather, but I think the warmer temperatures and sunshine have been positively affecting my mood as well, so no complaints here.

All in all, I am in a good place and there is no where to go, but up.

Much love,


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