First Week Down!

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Sorry for being MIA the past week. First week in the car business down, hopefully more weeks and months to come.

I have a lot to learn for sure, but have learned a lot thus far. The job seems simple enough. My desk sits in-between the sales department and the service department. Basically, I go up to those waiting for their car being serviced. I have a list of their vehicle info and what is being done on their car. Based on that, I talk to those who might be interested in upgrading their car by trading in their current vehicle into something new or newer, safer, better, etc. If interested in trading in their car, I escort them over to a salesperson and I get commission based on that. I make an hourly wage on top of that, about thirty hours a week. I also can perform appraisals on the vehicles.

I am definitely getting noticed by upper management. Not in a bad way, though. The other girl who is the head of my department at my particular store likes my organizational skills and says I’m on the ball. Quick learner. She says I am doing a good job and will do well in this role. I did my first appraisal on my own on a vehicle on Wednesday. The sales manager who is in charge of me, the girl, and the whole sales team went up to the head of my department and said this was one of the best appraisals he had ever seen. I kinda looked up since they were about 30 feet away. I had seen the hand writing on the page as the manager walked past my desk and noticed it was my own. So I knew he was talking about my work.

I thought she might take credit for my work, but instead she said it was actually my work and she only observed to make sure I didn’t miss anything. He walks back in the store and quickly walks past my desk. He stops a few feet ahead of me and stops. He pivots his feet and turns around and walks up to me. He shows me the appraisal form and asks if I did this. I said, “yes, sir. I did that appraisal.” He pauses to look at me, kind of in shock and disbelief. No joke, he says to me, “This is one of the best appraisals I’ve ever seen, no fucking joke. You got everything that was wrong with the exterior of the vehicle. You missed one little thing that no one else would have seen either.” He pointed out what I missed on the vehicle diagram and circled his notes. He adds, “Good fucking job!” and walks back to the manager’s tower.

I had several meet ups with the director of my department across the auto plex. He is in charge of all internet sales and the vehicle upgrade program, which is the department I work in, even though we are called Quality Assurance Managers, which is rather vague in my opinion. He is fond of me and told me he sees a lot of potential in me. I interviewed with him, the general manager of Honda, and Maggie, the gal I work directly with and report to. I bonded with the directer when he mentioned he was in the Navy and I asked him if he worked subs or surface. We bonded over the fact he was a submariner and I was a mechanic for the subs on base.

So I am still in the phase where I am trying to figure everyone and everything out. I am making no judgements… well, quite yet at least. Time will tell how everything will play out.

In other news, I submitted my personal statement to Washington State University, so I hope to hear back this week about the results.

That’s all I got right now, just wanted to update you all and know that I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth.

Much love,


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