Three Months Later…

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I was gently reminded at the ER two nights ago that Monday was my three month (twelve week) anniversary of my second foot surgery / first knee surgery. Why was I at the ER, you may be thinking. Well I had hurt myself at work; this being the third work related injury I have had since I originally broke my ankle in August of 2018 and the second only being in June of this year at yet another job with a re injury to the same ankle.

This would be my fourth injury since the original one. Three re injuries have happened this year alone. I rolled my ankle somehow in May. I fell off my knee scooter after I was told to be non weight bearing from the first re injury. I got contusion neuropathy in my arm because of it. As for today, I was at work when I rolled my ankle outwards. Nothing snapped, but it hurt like hell.

Today during my second client’s session, my client has left the room and I try to get up to go follow her into the dining room. Both feet were asleep. I waited to get up, but the need for me to get up and help was urgent so I braced myself on her bed post and a chair to help me up. I put most of my weight on my dominant foot, using my arms to support a lot of my body weight. I then put the rest of my body weight’s pressure onto my bad foot and next thing I know, my ankle rolls outward until the side of my foot hit the floor. I hear no snaps, cracks, or pops, but man, I bit my tongue to not yelp out for help.

I braced onto the bed frame for support when I finally had the courage to put more weight on my foot once my foot was less numb. I questioned whether or not I should go to the ER then or later. I had an hour and a half left of the shift, so I finished that off, praying for an easy day or at least do something to get my mind off of my foot. My client’s little brother and I played Minecraft which was surprisingly fun until he quit when he got bored. I left on time and then called my mom.

I asked my mom if I should go to ER tonight or if I should go to urgent care tomorrow morning at the orthopedic surgeon’s office. I said it was paid for since it was an OWCP (worker’s comp / L & I claim) claim. She said if money wasn’t the issue to get it checked out tonight. I went home to change and then I drove straight to the nearest ER.

They took 7 different x-rays and the results of those being that I had no major break or fracture. The nurse followed up to to tell me it was probably a tendon or ligament tear or sprain then, which doesn’t receive blood flow and healing nutrients like bones do. So basically, I was shit out of luck. No time off work and basically just rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Part of me just wishes something was broken because I know something is wrong, but it must be something only an MRI can catch. Now it is just a major pain in the ass, waiting game.

Two days later, my the top of my foot is still bruised and swollen. I now am off work for the next four and a half days, but tomorrow is my parent’s wedding anniversary in addition to it being Christmas Eve, so it will be a very busy day.

The plan is for me to wait for the internet guy to come to my house between 8am-Noon and then I have to order food from this fancy restaurant and meet my dad halfway between his house and mine to pick up the food. From there, I will have late lunch with my parents, sister, and brother in law while Diego works til 6:30 or so. (Don’t worry, I am ordering him something to go). Once we all eat and hang out, I will head home around 5pm to get ready for Diego’s family to come over. Since our house is the biggest in his family, his mom is going to make dinner for his side of the family, I am not sure who all is coming but she said they will stay until midnight in order to go to midnight mass.

As far as Christmas Day goes, Diego works early so I will leave to go to my parents when he goes to work. We will open presents and eat breakfast casserole. I’ll spend the day there until Diego gets off and we will open some more presents and have Christmas dinner with my parents, him and I.

In other words, I am very blessed and thankful despite having this new injury on top of a very gruesome and painful, old injury. If I don’t write within the next couple of days, I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday.

Much love,


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