Best Christmas Presents for Men

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I have determined this year that shopping for men is a whole lot harder than shopping for women. Women, in my opinion, seem to know what they want or at least tell you where you can get what they want and if all else fails, you can settle for some candles, chocolates, and some bath bombs. However with men, you gotta listen to what they need all year around because by the time Christmas rolls around and you ask them what they need, they say “I dunno”.

Over the years, I have been very interested in finding Diego the perfect gift, whether it be for his birthday or for the holidays. I have gotten him Seattle Seahawk tickets (main level seats), Seattle Mariner games for his birthday, taken him on trips and mini vacations, got him a Nintendo Switch, got him custom Mariners jersey with his last name on it, got his favorite football player’s jersey, the list goes on. This year I got him a new comforter and microfiber sheets for our bed and a homemade advent calendar full of booze for us both to try.

I have learned he and most men are about experiences rather than material objects. It is important to remember it might be better to say on Christmas Day you have x amount of dollars saved away for a trip rather than spend a portion of those funds on a gift he may not even enjoy.

Without further delay, I bring you a list of what *most* men would like for Christmas!

If they like sports…

Most men enjoy at least one type of sport whether it be hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc. An easy gift to get is anything from their favorite college level or national league sports team. This can range from hats to socks to jerseys to key lanyards to sweatshirts or pajamas.

Pros: they will use this object in their everyday lives and will be proud to show it off.

Cons: can be expensive to get a custom jersey or anything really. But you have comfort in knowing that this choice will be a home run!

If they like vacations…

My favorite for this idea is starting in January to have a little getaway fund. Put away $25 a week or whatever you can afford and by the time November and December rolls around, you have $1000 bucks saved up for a trip to a near by state at a luxury hotel or can splurge in Las Vegas or in Los Angeles.

If you’re just starting to save up now or only have a couple hundred bucks for your man’s Christmas gift, you can always write a card with the money inside saying this money is supposed to be towards a vacation that the two of you decide on together.

Pros: it is an experience you will have forever.

Cons: there isn’t a physical object you can give on Christmas day unless you have plane tickets.

If they like alcohol…

Buying an expensive brand of their favorite liquor is always a good plan. It’s not something they would normally buy for themselves but is always nice to have.

You can also do local distillery, winery, or cidery tours and make a day of it.

Pros: Can be as expensive or cheap as you want to make it. Can share with others.

Cons: a little impersonal, if you ask me. But if they are a wine snob or booze snob, it may be just the ticket for them!

If they like going to events…

Concerts, art gallerys, sporting events, wine tasting, you name it. During non covid times, this would be the perfect gift for those who love to do things with you rather than wanting or needing a certain item.

You can always buy concert or sporting tickets for the upcoming year in hopes that we will be in post-covid times by the time the event rolls around. There are still some things you can do as long as you wear a mask and socially distance. Looks up events in your local area and start exploring!

Pros: unique present and would be a fun experience for the two of you.

Cons: uncertainty about when you can do these events / fear of cancelation.

If they like video games…

Whether it be on Nintendo Switch, the Xbox, the Playstation, or on a PC, if the guy in your life likes to play, considering certain things to buy him might be a good idea.

You can always get that video game that they have been wanting, a new console, new controllers. New accessories, and at the very least, a gift card so they can get the right item for their gaming needs. Another idea is buying expansion packs or giving them money in real life to buy in-game guns, ammo, game passes, etc.

In order to be successful in most video games, you must buy things in the game with real money. Which is why I suggest giving money or gift cards for that game in order for him to succeed more.

Pros: it is something he wants but won’t ask for it.

Cons: depending on what you do, it could be too small of a gift .

Any ideas below are much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed reading and if you did, like, comment, and follow! Merry Holidays!


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