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It’s been a while since I have done a real life update. I was rereading old blog posts and gosh! My writing has improved so much in even a few months, let alone when I first started this blog! But the amount that I have grown has been exponential during this time. So I will summarize how I have been doing and what’s going on in my life over the course of 2020.


I am currently unemployed, but (hopefully) not for much longer!I am currently working towards getting certified as a Registered Behavior Technician through the state of Washington. Once I finish my RBT training (I am at 92% complete right now), and my background check comes through, I will be officially hired with this one company in my area. On Monday I will sign paperwork, get assigned clients, discuss pay rate, my start date, etc. My background check should be clean considering I have never committed a crime and I worked for the Navy, so if I was good enough for the Navy, I can do anything!

At the start of 2020, I was a paralegal and thought that being one was my passion. After I was discriminated and fired due to my bipolar disorder, I was on unemployment for a few months until I worked for a doctor’s office as a medical records specialist. After I had a bad delusion, I walked out, never to return. Then I worked for a large home improvement company. At this point, my symptoms for my recovering broken foot had come back so I left that job because I couldn’t perform the duties on a knee scooter. And then I was unemployed for a while and then I went and worked as a debt collector, nearly got fired and then quit. The rest is history and now here we are; working towards my MSW to become a social worker and this job will help boost my resume and is actually in my newly intended career path.


I had no interest of going back to school until a few people mentioned the idea to me in September. This past week, I signed up for classes at my local community college to finish up my first year (45 credits) of school. A couple weeks before that I applied to the University of Washington Tacoma in order to receive my bachelor’s in social welfare. I intend to receive my master’s in social work from the same school and should complete both programs if all goes well by 2025. I am waiting on my college to send my official transcripts to UW and then a decision should be made either way about my admittance to the university.

It’s crazy to me that I am going back to school considering I had no interest in the matter after flunking out summer quarter of 2019. But I am consistently taking my meds, I am in a good head space, and everything is going well at home and in my relationship. Those around me have been extremely supportive of me going back to school and if you want to support me going back to school, give this link a like, comment, donation, and share! It is my go fund me account for collegiate purposes.

Mental Health

At the beginning of the year, my mental health was shot due to me losing my job solely because I am bipolar. It was a blow to my pride and ego. Throughout the year I went through various adversities which caused internal turmoil. It peaked when I stopped taking my medication and blew through 4k dollars at the casino and my boyfriend kicked me out of the house. I contemplated suicide and almost acted out on my plan and fortunately my friend stepped in and called me to help me get through that moment. Since my trip to San Diego, I have consistently taken my medication and things have gotten better since I quit gambling. I am now back in my home, I am sober, and currently on a manic upswing that I am keeping in check by keeping busy with my training among other activities.

It’s been a difficult year mental health wise as I find myself and learn a lot of life lessons the hard way. I have learned the importance of those who value my mental health and have learned to truly value my own. I have purged those from my life who don’t care about me and have gotten rid of a lot of junk through all my moves (on my way to a more minimalist lifestyle). I haven’t really been able to work out due to surgery on my knee and my foot. I hope to be more active and lose all the weight I have gained over the past 2.5 years since I originally got injured.


I think this has been the best year for relationships for me, and no I don’t mean romantically, although that, right now, is going quite well. I have gotten insanely close to my best guy friend and best lady friend, talking consistently through text and video chat. I am working on my relationships with my sister and my old best friend after they both got married, respectively, earlier this year. As I have become sober, I have been able to focus on the relationships with my parents and that is rebuilding slowly, but surely.

As far as Diego goes, right now we are doing great. He has been one to apologize (eventually) when he is in the wrong or steps out of line, our communication has been good, we are having fun living together again. I have been hesitant to move back into his home, but I am slowly getting more comfortable with the idea. I have moved in the essentials, but my foot and knee have been prohibiting me from doing much more than that.


I think this has been a very blessed year as I grow in my relationship with God. I have been praying before every meal, and reflecting morning and night and spending time with the Lord, asking His will for me and those I love. I have been relying on His wisdom for most of everything and it has been extremely rewarding.

To Conclude

2020 has proved to be an interesting year, but for me, it hasn’t been the worst one yet. So here’s to another month and change until this year is officially over and then we shall see where we are at!


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