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I am excited to officially announce…

I got the job as a Behavior Assistant / Registered Behavior Technician!

I received my offer letter on Monday, and I start next Monday, November 30th. I get good benefits, weekly pay, and I get paid for my commute time to and from clients’ homes where I will be assisting a behavior analyst perform data collection and analyses of the client and certain problem behavior.

Still working out the details on who I will work with and, where I will work, and the times of appointments throughout the days and the week. But to my understanding, my schedule will be very flexible and I don’t have to work 40 hours a week if I don’t want to. With what I am earning, I have the personal luxury of not having to work a full week, but I would rather work more now to catch up on bills and work less come February when my school gets more intensive.

As I wait for my admittance to UW Tacoma, I am taking one last quarter at community college starting in January so that I am able to complete one full year (45 credits) toward my degree. I am halfway to an associate’s degree, and once I pass in March, I will be three years away from getting my bachelor’s, and four years into my expedited master’s program.

It is exciting; everything that is happening in my life. Bad news is my family got word that my uncle (mom’s brother) had a minor stroke on Monday. He is in the hospital at least until today, if not longer. He is special needs in addition to having a plethora of other health issues. He is 64 and his health is wrecking havoc on my mom since he is the only other biological family she has besides my sister and I. She has been having severe anxiety and panic attacks so I have, in a way, been her support system. I am just happy that my dad took off work this week for Thanksgiving and can also be a much needed support system for my mom since I am an hour drive south from where they live.

Our family is having our Thanksgiving today, the 25th. Ever since I started working retail and my sister worked in coffee shops, we changed our Thanksgiving to the day before to suit our work schedules. Although I haven’t worked retail on the holidays in over a year, we haven’t changed back the holiday. Plus, my sister goes over to her husband’s family’s Thanksgiving on Thursday since they have a much larger family. So it all works out.

This year it will be my parents, sister, her husband, Diego when he gets off work, and myself. It never is any more people than that, but especially with COVID-19, we couldn’t have any more people even if we wanted to. On actual Thanksgiving day, Diego’s family is coming over to our house since it is the biggest and I’m not sure if we will have turkey or Mexican food, either way, it will be delicious. I am hosting because Diego won’t be home from work til about 5pm. I am a little nervous because I am shy in nature despite me knowing his family for 5+ years. Funny enough, it was my idea to invite his family over to our house! They all liked the idea, so here we are.

It is 4:30 am where I am at and I haven’t been able to sleep since 2am. I already took a shower, browsed the internet, and read my work policy and procedures guide, not to mention I am writing this blog. The grind never stops.

Well, I think that’s all the news I have for ya’ll for this post.

Until next time,


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